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The digital world is moving at a fast pace. And it is changing our lives too. Take the example of WhatsApp, which revolutionized communication due to its encrypted messaging. It was the pioneer in voice notes delivery through encrypted service. But WhatsApp also lacks some features, which are not prominent. So, they needed to be improved. You may have heard about them. Today, we will tell you about Fouad WhatsAppwhich is considered the best-modified version of WhatsApp. We will tell you complete detail on how to download it and install it.

So, keep reading to find out more. What is Fouad WhatsApp? It is a reboot of the original WhatsApp. The developer Fouad Makdad worked day and night to produce it.

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He also produced several other versions of WhatsApp too. But this version is considered the best version produced by Fouad Makdad. This version has a beautiful interface, privacy options, features, customization, and text style.

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You can choose to be more anonymous by using this app. Moreover, you can also choose the color theme. We will tell you more about the app later in the article. So keep reading to find out more. Ans: No, the app is only for Android. Check Whatsapp Group Links. Features of Fouad WhatsApp The following is the list of all features.

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You can choose a background image for the screen. This way, you will have wallpaper for the app. You can choose a picture to be placed next to bubbles. You can set a picture in conversation, whether it is outside or inside.

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You can place a picture of groups, both outside and inside. You can preview the entries style before applying them. You can select a tab to underline the color. You will have a line color between chats on the home screen. You can change the pending message color. You can change the date color on the main screen. You can mention color on the main screen. You can document text color in the chat screen.

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You can change voice notes play color. You can change the voice notes play bar. You can select a forward icon color. You can choose a forward message background color. You can place color on participants. There is an in-built call blocker, which allows you to choose the calls. The bar is white. You have the option to choose the Azerbaijani language.

You will have the theme store for downloading themes. The themes will be downloaded automatically and saved as theme. There is an option of Brazilian to Portuguese translation. You can duplicate the new call FAB. You can allot a nickname to the participants. Message text will work for the Arabic language. The widget will allow you to bypass the WhatsApp lock.

HSV color options are present. The images will be free whatsapp cf sometime in the bottom. You have an anti-delete for messages, which save you from unknowingly deleting important messages. You can disable the forward tag. You can hide all the media from the gallery. You can choose to apply a theme without wallpaper. The overall speed is better than the original app. The app has do not disturb mode, which you can call airplane mode. How to download Fouad WhatsApp? You need to follow the steps. Open your computer. Connect to the internet.

Open the web browser. Go to Google. The search result will give you the link where you can download the app.

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So, you must download the app from the download. Now, connect your phone with the computer. Transfer the setup from the computer to the. How to install Fouad WhatsApp? You need to back the data from the original app. So, you must follow the steps to do that. Open the WhatsApp. You need to tap on the menu. Now, you must tap on the settings. After that, tap on the chats. Then you need to tap on the backup chats. Finally, you need to tap on the backup button.

This act will start the backup process, which will take several minutes. Frequently Asked Questions. Q1: Do I have to pay for the service?

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Ans: NO, the service is free. Q2: Can I have both apps on my mobile phone?

Free whatsapp cf

email: [email protected] - phone:(536) 458-5804 x 9667

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