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To get more eyes on the art, they've created a way to discover some of it. Their highly addictive "Send Me" feature allows you to text them what you want to see, and they'll send you back an image of a piece of art depicting that thing, along with some information on the piece.

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Here's how to make the magic happen: text "send me [x]" toand within seconds SFMOMA will text you back a piece of art that, in some way, shows you that thing. For example, here's the ocean though if you ask for the ocean you may get a different reply :.

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In their announcement of the text service, they noted that "studies have shown that the average museum visitor spends approximately seven seconds in front of any artwork," asking, "In a world oversaturated with information How can we provide a more comprehensive experience of our collection? Maybe some of NYC's museums should create their own—it's a wonderful, addictive distraction that we highly recommend trying out. is This rules.

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Text This Anything You Want And It Will Text You Back Art Depicting It