Sexy shower story

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I met Theo a few weeks ago at the climax of my divorce. Can I read it? I played clarinet in high school and college before I quit to focus on my Masters. Did state honor band, too. So dorky. He had my attention. I just saw a pretty woman crying alone and I felt I had to do something. Is that super creepy? I smiled and dabbed at my cheeks. I gave him a discreet once over as he turned to sit at the Blackjack table. A six foot minimum brick house of a man with just enough fluff to make him a fantastic cuddle buddy.

I was all for it. Settle down, girlsI scolded my thighs as they began to tremble. By the end of the last shoe at AM, I had scribbled my on a post-it and passed it his way. The message came in not ten minutes after he left. Fuck it. My answer was sent equally as fast. We had a few dates and scheduled one for the 13th, which was yesterday, when our story really started. Society has rules for women on when to sleep with men. Once we finished dinner at a local sushi house, I took him to a bar called The Rocking Horse. New in town from Miami, he wanted a tour of some popular local haunts.

He ordered a Jack and Coke for himself and a double shot of Jameson for me. I slammed it back, debating sexy shower story to lick the sides of the glass to soak up all the courage I could. Not the best segue, but I ran with it rather than cringing like I wanted. I stuck out my chest a bit and attempted a sultry look that felt sexy as hell. Most likely, though, it looked like I had dirt in my eye. It worked, thank God. He pinned me to the wall and kissed me hard moments after closing the door to my new apartment. Therefore, I was in a very fun mood. I broke free of him, cackling as I sprinted down the hall.

T he steam and beaded water rolled off my shoulders as I peeled back the thick plastic curtain. Though I was feeling confident and cute for the most part, this would be the first time I took my new lighter body for a test drive. I was nervous, and darkness provided a security blanket. I mean, lots of things could go wrong. It, uh, heightens the senses. Which one is it? Blinking under the onslaught of fat water droplets, I remained still on the floor of the tub. Sadly, I was still human, and very much present.

Are you okay? Instead, I lied there, as one does after such a cataclysmic fall. You know the kind. My foot had slipped beneath a combination of sexy suds and the shower curtain. What followed was mass destruction. I blacked out in terror it seems, but I imagine my hands flailed for the closest thing I could steady myself on.

I chose the shower curtain, so, I chose wrong. The chorus of machine-gun fire that followed was in fact each ring popping as my fat ass clung to it. In a chaotic ball of fear, plastic, and regret, I hit the floor full force, hence the Flump. You can guess how much of a mood killer that was. I received a text message earlier today confirming his disinterest in moving forward.

Despite my wounded ego, I pondered the positives as I made my walk of shame through the Bath aisle of Walmart earlier. At least now I know to stick to what works for me, or, at least, to always put down a shower mat. Former blackjack dealer. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking. Here, expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart sexy shower story any topic and bring new ideas to the surface.

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Sexy shower story

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