The swingers cruise

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Knowing that, you can probably figure out what our overall opinion is. This is a cruise deed for people in the lifestyle, or those who are at least curious or open to the lifestyle. In the case of the Bliss Cruiseit is a takeover of an entire ship. On the other hand, it is not non-stop nudity and sex. In fact, no sexual activity is allowed in the public areas of the ship.

You can play in your room, and you can play in the playrooms.

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You can be naked only on the pool deck. Although partial nudity seems to happen here and there throughout the day, and particularly in the evenings at the themed events. And even there, the ship must be out to see before the clothes can come off. Many never went to the playrooms at all. We met nudists who just like being naked. More about that later. We encountered:. The answer to this question the swingers cruise personal.

For some, a lifestyle vacation is a great way to be able to experiment a little, far from home, in a safe space. If you do, you can plan your next adventure. After peeking into that dungeon for a few nights, you may decide that you find it intriguing. Or maybe exhibitionism or voyeurism are bigger thrills than you would have expected. Who knows? For us, it was our portal back into the lifestyle. We had been away for a while. A long while, in fact. And when we heard about the cruise, we thought it might be the perfect way to wander back in.

We like cruising and travel, so we figured in a ship that big we could certainly find someone that interested us, or we could just as easily get lost in the crowd. So with more than a year to go before the sail date, we ed up.

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By the swingers cruise way, if that sounds early to you, you might be mistaken. These cruises fill FAST, selling out months in advance. It is too late to us in November of this year, and there may only be a cabin or two left for April of For some, the biggest drawback to a swingers cruise is that it is a cruise.

It is more like a massive hotel than the boats your aunt used to drag you on during your summer vacations. These vessels are huge. Yes, sometimes you can feel the motion of the water. Remember, they do these things in the relatively calm waters of the Caribbean, not the north Atlantic! There are plenty of ways to spend your day on a swingers cruise.

The biggest draw on the ship, of course, is the pool deck. Here you can be as naked as you want to be. Chat with friend, or make some new ones. Enjoy a siesta, or dance to the music.

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There are games, and drinks, and eye candy and pools and hot tubs. Meet and greets happen around the ship several times a day. Sometimes they are prearranged events set up by groups long before they hit the ship. Speed dating sessions happen a couple times a day, too. Again, these are set up for specifically targeted groups, to increase your chances of making a connection.

Some happened in the morning when we were still sleeping off the night morning? And some happened during workshops we wanted to attend. There are a wide variety of learning opportunities during a swingers cruise. Where else, for instance, can you see a porn-star reverting to her former career as a teacher, giving insights into anal play? You could also learn spanking techniques, pussy play, swinging tips, tantra, and massage. On the days that the ship is in port, you can head off to enjoy the swingers cruise straight up tourism. Bliss offered a couple of clothing optional events, in addition to the normal line up of excursions offered by the cruise line.

Many passengers opt to just stay on board and take advantage of the extra space in the hot tubs, pool deck and the rest of the ships amenities. Every night, there was a different theme: Schoolgirl of courseKinkRed dress, Piratesand Glow Night, which was the most popular. Things got very interesting on the pool deck that night. Do you have to dress up? But unlike your local swingers club, most people do dress for the theme on the cruise. Guys, we can tell you that those who play along are generally rewarded for their efforts.

Get out of your comfort zone, at least for a night or two, and wear something sexy or funny or revealing or whatever. Michael can personally attest that wearing a graduation gown and a cap with a flogger for a tassel generates no small interest as to what you might or might not be wearing underneath!

Depending on the theme, you may be able to wear your theme wear to dinner, eliminating the need for an additional outfit. Or sometimes you can do just a slight modification to allow yourself to get into the dining room, then do a quick change for theme night. Meeting people works the same way, too, though we found that it was far easier to break the ice and start conversations on the cruise than at other lifestyle events. After all, everyone is from out of town, everyone is on the cruise, everyone wants to meet people.

Once you found potential play partners, you could easily slip up to your the swingers cruise or theirs, or you could head to a playroom. There were four separate deated play areas On the November Bliss Cruise. By the way, these playrooms are immaculate.

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The setup is nice, but the maintenance is other-worldly. When a group steps away from a bed, a member of the bliss staff would swoop in, remove the sheet, clean the vinyl mattress cover with a disinfectant and place a clean sheet in a matter of seconds. They reminded us of a Nascar pit crew. Or that you can have sex with many of them. Or that there is a dungeon nearby. Or a place to buy sex toys. We should add one final word. The overall success of the cruise is due to a couple things that should be noted. First, obviously, is the skill of the organizers of the event.

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They put on an excellent program. Everything was spotless, all the time. Swingers can tear up a bedroom. But the housekeeping staff never blinked. So, the bottom line. We loved everything about the Bliss cruise. Yes, they are pricey. Take our advice and save a few bucks by booking an interior cabin. But the experience is one you will never forget, and you will have experiences that the swingers cruise would be hard-pressed to duplicate in any other environment. If you are sailing in November ofkeep an eye out for us.

Oh man…great article Thomas. Michelle and I had sooo much fun last year. We will look out for you and say hi. Wayne and Michelle Address. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What, exactly, is a swingers cruise? Who goes on a swingers cruise? Like this: Like Loading Name Address Website. Island Discovery — A Novel She had plans for their vacation. But she couldn't have imagined how far she would go on this trip.

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Read our first erotic novel here. Recent Posts. July 1, The Importance of Respect in the Lifestyle. June 14, Island Discovery — Chapter

The swingers cruise

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Sex and Swingers Cruises: What You Need to Know