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Before delving into this heavy topic I want to say, parenting is hard. It can be a difficult, exhausting and an unappreciative job! It is normal to feel frustrated, angry, upset and sometimes alone as we work through tough parenting decisions. Know that the teachers here do understand all of those parenting related feelings. In this article I will define and clarify what spanking is; address five reasons not to use spanking; I will share alternatives to spanking, and lastly share tips and pointers to help you during those stressful times. What is spanking?

It is a form of corporal punishment. FYI - If you hit your child with any object belt, brush, fly swatter, wooden spoon it falls under the U. Which le me to an interesting fact; in the U. It is illegal to do so.

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But, corporal punishment against is overlooked time after time. It is socially sanctioned. So, why should you not spank your child? If this article is all about not spanking then we as parents need rational alternatives to spanking, as well as ways to deal with what can be frustrating moments during our parenting journey. So here are some tips, ideas and suggestions.

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Hopefully you can each find something that works and apply to other parenting strategies! Spanking is only a temporary solution to ongoing problems.

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Seldom are spankings followed by instruction on what the child needs to do or stop doing. It teaches to comply because of fear rather than a sense of what is right or wrong. It teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to solve their problems.

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Spanking sets the example that it is okay to hit when a person is upset or angry. Toggle Main Main. Classrooms and Schedules Curriculum Enrollment and Fees. Two out of the five studies that were presented showed decreased compliance. The studies actually supported the fact that children who were guided by parents and caregivers who used firm verbal directives and discipline had a higher level of compliance. Children who are spanked were found to have a lower moral internalization. That means when parents are away those children are far less likely to make good choices and do what they are supposed to do.

Also, most cases of abuse began with socially sanctioned discipline. Children who are spanked are more aggressive. Children who are spanked have lower IQs. Corporal punishment or the constant threat of violence is stressful! When individuals are under that amount of stress has a negative effect on brain development.

During the act of spankingzero learning can occur. What does spanking teach your child? one… spanking teaches children that violence is okay. When you spank you are teaching your child to be anxious and aggressive. Spanking displays to children that they are not worthy to live with the freedom from violence and aggression like adults are. It was only approximately 50 years ago that beating your wife was socially sanctioned and expected. Now, we as women can fully expect that freedom. Not all kids who were spanked turned out bad — but why take a chance? Do your best as a parent to ensure your child will have the best future you can offer.

Below are ten alternatives to spanking that you might find helpful. Give choices. Parents who are really good at providing choices have children who are more compliant and good at making decisions! Take a timeout. Yes, you the parent walk away. It is perfectly okay to say. If you feel like your child has got you so angry that you may not be in control, then ask someone else to help you who is not as intimately involved in the situation.

This reduces the likelihood that you will strike your. Teach them what you expect. Instead of where can i get a spanking them for misbehaving, teach them what they can do differently. How can we help you remember to do this? So, when they hang up that coat tell them how much you appreciate that! The general rule is one minute for every year of their age. Try to make it a place that is quiet and the child is unable to get your attention or be unintentionally rewarded.

If is having a tantrum then their time should start when they have calmed down and can keep it under control for the duration of the timeout. Providing a logical consequence is often very effective. Always tie the consequence back to the misbehavior.

Well, I am not up for that. Maybe next time you will be able to listen and you can go with me. Set limits. Instead of telling your children what to do try telling them what you are going to do or allow. Have you ever noticed how we usually make a request or give directives in the negative?

Try stating things in the positive by telling them what they can have or what you will allow. They are less likely to argue when you are telling them what they can have or what you will allow. Then remember you are the adult.

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Close your eyes and imagine you are hearing what your child is about to hear. Press your lips together and count to 10… or Think about why you are angry; is it your child, or is your child simply a convenient target for your anger? Phone a friend. If someone can watch the children, go outside and take a walk.

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Take a hot bath or splash cold water on your face. Hug a pillow. Turn on some music. Maybe even sing along. Pick up a pencil and write down as many helpful words as you can think of. Save the list. Greene, Ross. The Explosive Child Barkley, R.

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