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This screen shot from the interactive role-playing game "It's Your Call" shows students called into the principal's office. Santa Ana-based Web Wise Kids developed the game with the help of the Entertainment Software Association and Verizon to teach cellphone safety to middle school and high school students around the country. Sexting is one of the topics addressed in the game. Santa Ana-based Web Wise Kids uses interactive games to teach online safety to students around the country.

Ths screen shot is from one the newest games, "It's Your Call," which addresses cellphone safety. The Entertainment Software Association and Verizon helped develop the game. She was 12 years old orange county girls nude first time she did it. A boy asked her to. So she took a picture of herself naked and sent it to him via cellphone.

That same year, she did it about 10 more times. With different boys. All of them her own age, she says. She kept doing it until one day a boy showed her naked photo to the entire seventh grade class, and that included her brother. Trinity, as she asked to be called, is an Orange County girl whose real name is not being used because of her age and the sensitive nature of what she did. She is 16 now and in therapy for issues that extend beyond her sexting habit, which continued on and off into last year and included sending videos as well as photos, not just to schoolmates but also to strangers she met online or at the mall.

Among girlsthe response was 11 percent. Nobody seems to have specific data on teens and sexting incidents. Sexting raises the eyebrows of adults who wonder why anybody would do something that can lead to some pretty serious consequences. Juveniles can be prosecuted under child pornography laws for sexting. Girls like Trinity might orange county girls nude influenced by reality TV and the desire for instant celebrity, said Corinne Rupert, a psychoanalyst from Dana Point who once worked as a school counselor. But girls also can get a thrill from exposing themselves and turning themselves into objects of sexual desire, she added.

Last year in Orange County an eighth-grader at a Los Alamitos middle school sent a nude photo of herself that wound up circulating at school among a group of students, who were given in-house suspensions after school administrators found out. A case of sexting also took place in Los Alamitos, at a continuation high school. Police took a report and sent it to prosecutors, but nothing came of it.

The Entertainment Software Association and Verizon assisted in developing the game. But Deputy District Atty. Yes, in the last couple of years. Los Alamitos Unified took measures at the beginning of this school year to raise awareness among students and parents about sexting, Superintendent Gregory Franklin said.

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Now we remind them of that, and that includes pictures on your cell phone. Ashley said prosecutors have to look at the facts of each case — how old are the kids, how graphic is the material, how severe is the situation, how many people are involved, what was the intent, was it voluntary or forced? Misdemeanor or felony charges could be filed, Ashley said, but she doubted that minors prosecuted in California for sexting would have to register as sex offenders. Contact the writer: twalker ocregister.

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Orange county girls nude

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