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Sexting—the bow chicka wow wow of texting. The electronic hickey.

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For our millennial generation, sexting is pretty common what with our high definition iPhone cameras and the sheer existence of Tinder. By now, it falls into the standard order of operations of texting back and forth with some cutie only to end up sending a picture of your digital boobs through thin air. Just like foreplay, sexting is all about the buildup. The longer it takes, the better. Taking your time sending messages also gives you a time buffer in which you can begin to trust your partner more. If they seem to check out, I immediately start to turn up the heat on my messages.

Try to find that sweet spot between a single sentence and a full paragraph. When sexts are too long, the details get lost and that might college girls sexting be a turn off. I felt like I was reading a romance novel she had secretly been harboring in her soul but never got to write until she sexted me.

I encourage you to live your fantasy, but maybe just say it in two sentences. Remember that sexting should be a dialogue between two people. The perfect formula would be to acknowledge what your partner last said and also add something new to that each time by building on top of the idea or action that was offered to you.

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Department Chair of Psychology at Cal Poly and d psychologist Jasna Jovanovic studies the socialization of gender, and has found that males tend be just as insecure about sexual response as women are. As the old saying goes, treat others the way you would like to be treated. Starting with kindness will lead to a more pleasurable experience for both of you.

Now I always delete my messages the next morning to save myself from further embarrassment. Take precaution and always cover your tracks before your sexy time messages are on display for all to see. James all night. We already know the dangers of sending the drunk text, but imagine drunk sexting?! Psychologist Jasno Jovanovic heartily agrees.

I never take pictures with my face in them specifically for that reason. While we generally want you to be able to trust people in this world, there are a few bad apples out there. By including your face in photos with your naked body, you give your sexting partner a dangerous power to potentially hold those photos over you.

You want to be completely unidentifiable. Let this be rule one of safe sexting. This goes hand in hand with not including your face in any nude photos you send. Sexually FaceTiming your partner gives them the power to take screenshots without you being aware of the situation. This is a great time to stick with good old fashioned sexting and stay away from our advanced iPhone technology.

One time he came to visit I was looking at the pictures on his phone and saw a bunch of graphic ones of me. We trust that you are all smart women who have a strong sense of self-preservation and are capable of making intelligent decisions, so just remember that nakedly FaceTiming bae is not college girls sexting decision you should ever make. Nobody wants to see an eggplant with water droplets coming out of it.

Enough said. Also, calling certain body parts by their scientifically correct names makes them sound like a disease. However, there is a fine line where maybe you should use slang terms, or consider not saying the anatomically correct name at all. This is not the time or place to discover what sex is or how it happens.

This college girls sexting be limiting, especially if you wanted to explore something kinkier to sext about. Try not to skip the important first step of intercourse here. In my opinion, it will take away from the authenticity of losing your virginity, and just like porn build up false expectations of what sex actually is.

Oh, sexting.

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Our ancestors would be so appalled if they knew what we were using our advanced technology for. She was also the person behind HerCampusBeauty, and all those other glowy selfies you faved. Now, Gina is an LA-based writer and editor, and you can regularly find her wearing a face mask in bed and scrolling through TikTok. Dos Take your time Just like foreplay, sexting is all about the buildup. Keep messages short and sweet Try to find that sweet spot between a single sentence and a full paragraph.

FaceTime This goes hand in hand with not including your face in any nude photos you send. Follow us on: LinkedIn Twitter Instagram.

College girls sexting

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