Gyno role play

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As with most women I dread the gyno, esp the having the cold speculum inserted. We have a plastic speculum at home which is not nearly as cold as the metal ones. Anyway for my husbands birthday late last year I gave him a gyno dream I booked into 3 doctors on the same day, the first I had a pap smear and full gyno exam done in full view of hubby, this was done my normal GP male.

He did a boob exam then the pap smear after inserting the speculum of coarse. After leaving the doctor hubby couldn't contain himself and I had to give him a hand job whilst he drove, it only took about 12 strokes!

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Then I went to another male doctor in the area, I complained about a pain in my ovary, I thought this would prompt him to do an internal exam. He had me hop on the bed, then he felt my tummy before asking me to hike up my skirt, exposing my panties and mound to him. He again pushed down on my tummy just above my bikini line. The doc asked if I would agree to an intern exam. I took my panties off, the doc asked me to put my heals together at my bum and drop my knees.

This opened me wide up for him to insert 2 fingers He found nothing of coarse. Then we went home whilst I waited for the next appointment. I couldn't let hubby have sex with me as I was going to have another exam soon. So he just role played what he learnt on me Okay, a change of panties, some very see through ones as requested by hubby and jeans.

Off to the last doc another male. Same story to him Next he had me take my jeans and panties off for an internal exam. He inserted 2 fingers, though it felt like 3 fingers. Hubby was hard as rock again for drive home so another hand job was ordered while he gyno role play me. Back home I got another full exam again I was sore for a couple of days, well effectively I had equivalent to 5 gyno exams and sex. Hubby said it was the best birthday present he has ever had.

Don't know what I will do to top that for his next birthday? This is a true story, though I know many of you won't believe it.

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Hi, we live in the U. We had an encounter with a couple this past weekend that are really into this sort of thing. They have a real exam room in their house and we made an appointment, filled out a few health related forms, then went into the exam room.

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The "nurse" came in, instructed my wife to take everyting off, head to toe. She was given a paper cape and a paper sheet, told to sit on the end of the exam table. After she was undressed, paper cape in place open in front and the sheet over her legs, the "doctor" came in and began asking about her history health and sexual condition. He then listened to her heart and lungs. She was asked to lay back for her breast exam. He did this exam, taking time to feel each breast several times and checked her nipples with a little pinch. He then felt her stomach with the sheet pulled down to her pubic area.

The "nurse" then covered her with the sheet and the doc unfolded the sturips at the end of the gyno role play. He placed her feet in them and asked that she scoot her bottom to the end of the table. She did this and opened her legs very wide for him. The nurse pulled the sheet up to her navel as the doc put on exam gloves. He "examined" her lips and clit and spread her open with his fingers. He asked for the speculum and inserted it, then opened it as wide as possible. We were both getting very excited, my wife was very wet, and her face was flushed.

The doc pulled the speculum out just a bit then pushed it back in as deep as possible. This thing was extra large and caused my wife to give out a little yelp. He then closed it, slowly withdrew it, and handed it to the nurse. He then told us that he was going to give her a deep pelvic exam with two fingers inside her vagina. This exam lasted for 10 minutes, he felt her in different positions inside her all the time with his thumb resting on her clit.

He then explained she would feel his finger in her rectum and vagina gyno role play the same time. When he inserted his fingers she had an orgasm, then another. He examined her for a few minutes, then slowly pulled his fingers out.

She was so hot by this time that her face was totally red. The nurse opened her cape exposing her breasts, and took the sheet off leaving her naked on the exam table. The doc was doing something under his lab coat, his back to me then stood up displaying his condom covered erection.

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He was at least 10 inches! The nurse guided him into her vagina, they had intercourse for several minutes, then he entered her rectum and finished with his orgasm. I have never seen her so hot and have such strong orgasms before.

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We will be making another appointment in a few weeks. This one will be a follow up exam with the nurse! Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Various features here might not work at all. List Browse List by tags. Medical Fetish Role-playing.

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Gyno role play

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