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As I started seeing more clients who wanted help with their sexual lives, this was a topic I thought more about. Unless it is in the consulting room or hornry women really close friends, when people talk about their sex lives they talk of the best times. I listen to lots of people wearing rose tinted spectacles, looking at only the positives in the past, present and for the future.

Clients come to me and talk about their struggles with sex and sexuality so I had their stories to draw on. Close friends were willing to talk more frankly too so I had their stories to draw on. There is a difference between married or partnered women with children and single women. Female sexual drive is very connected to hormone levels. The biological clock is no myth! The intensity of the drive to procreate should not be minimised.

Many single women suddenly become partnered and often inappropriately so and find themselves pregnant. The drive to have lots of passionate sex is highest at ovulation. For married women and women with children, after ovulation passes there is little hormonal drive. It appears that things may be a bit more stable over the month for unpartnered women. Once women have children, the additional stress can cause a severe dip in libido.

Why am I talking about libido? Because libido is what drives us to seek out sexual experiences. If you have no or low libidoyou may not even think about sex. Low libido can be caused by stress, a of health problems, various medications some antidepressants, some blood pressure medicationslow testosterone in men in particular and low oestrogen in women. Low libido hornry women a big problem for menopausal and post-menopausal women that is rarely talked about in detail. With most causes, there is a lot that can be done to bring libido back and when libido comes back so does the possibility of an exciting sex life.

For women, sexual desire and sexuality is intimately linked to emotional elements. Women who are stressed lose interest in sex. If there are emotional issues hornry women the relationship, women will find it really hard to connect sexually. Women find men who are emotionally available very sexy, for example.

Many women find intelligence very sexy. Also many men will use sex to create emotional closeness whereas many women need to feel emotionally close in order to become physically close and have sex. As a result, it appears that women have a variety of sexual peaks during their lives. Rather than being upset by this information, I encourage you to see it as liberating. This means that however you are is fine. Seek help if you are not happy with your sexual drive, desire or any aspect of your sexual life.

Seek help if you and your partner are not well matched or are having sexual issues. There are currently no particular drugs to increase female libido. There is no equivalent to Viagra for women.

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A of researchers have suggested that lower levels of testosterone after menopause are responsible for the drop in desire. Lots of drugs are being trialled but thus far nothing has worked well enough with few enough risks to be brought to market. However, there are quite a few doctors who are prescribing testosterone off label to increase female libido. I know a of people who hornry women taken testosterone for this reason.

They have all reported increased sexual desire. They have also reported a variety of side effects including some increased facial hair growth, some increased hair loss, increase in anger and acne. It is thought that part of the reason for high hornry women of side effects is that the dosages are too high. Sex is not related to procreation at this stage and is primarily for pleasure, love, power or other motivations.

Is this THE sexual prime for women? After listening to women and looking at the research, I think not. The idea of one sexual peak or sexual prime is outdated. There had been almost no research on sexual behaviour. Relationship behaviour has changed ificantly since then. In order to achieve pregnancy, often much more sex is necessary. Women have more than one sexual peak and the peaks are influenced by evolution, hormones, emotions, relationship and family status and stress.

Orgasm creates more sexual desire. So in times where stresses contribute to decreased desire, I often advise clients to push through the indifference and either masturbate or have sex with a partner. Reaching orgasm will almost always create a desire for more orgasm which means more sex. If you want to explore the tides of your sexuality, me here or schedule a free 30 minute strategy session with me here. Your not a freak hon. Do not be ashamed!

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Find a partner and enjoy the ride. Pun totally intended lol…. Could that be enough to make a difference? Hornry women that can be enough to stimulate desire. As long as you are both enjoying it, keep doing what you are doing! Thanks for commenting. About to turn 50 and men are having a hard time keeping up regardless of their ages.

Just getting out of an engagement effected by ED, I never knew what it would be like to have to live without it. It is miserable. It is on some level I suppose because the thought of sex with strangers is repulsive to me.

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Yet, a warm body and sensuality is a huge turn on. No such thing as wasting your prime — there is plenty of time to find the partner that really is right for you. Hope you do so soon! I am 31 and my girlfriend is We have been seeing each other for about 4 years. Before her, I was seeing a girl with sexual desires as strong as mine — we had sex very hornry women frequently, which made me a very happy person. I believe we have sex maybe once a month at most.

For me, that is far too little for a couple of our age. We have talked about it and she will always blame it on stress.

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She is doing a Masters degree so I understand. My desires have gone unsatisfied for so long that it has made me depressed I want to abandon ship. Or are we incompatible as I suspect. If you want to make this relationship work, spend the time to see a coach and discuss these issues fully. Then work out a plan together and go from there. If you are incompatible it will become obvious in the sessions and you can make decisions at hornry women point.

Seems that she might have some emotional blockade or perhaps trust or no emotional safety with you…. This seems like a deep cause of it. Maybe they are clashing niw. Remember bith need to feel pleased not one side, no matter which side. It has to be both.

Hornry women

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