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To be able to use Fetish. Labia Labia fetish All you need to know about labia fetish. For kinksters with a labia fetish. Overview Kinky members who are or like: Labia Fetish What is a labia fetish? Do you have a labia fetish? Is labia fetish a medical fetish? Can you use weights on the labia? Kinky men with a labia fetish. Lyndah Female 52 Sydney Write for free.

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What is a labia fetish? The labia are the fleshy lips of the vulva. Some people have small labia, both majora outer and minora inner others have large, hanging inner lips or big puffy outer lips or a mix of all these different shapes and sizes.

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It is the labia especially that turn on someone with this kind of fetish. There is a difference between really liking something and having a fetish for it. A fetish involves being sexually aroused by that one particular thing. So if you are turned on by the sight of labia, large, small or plump then you may have a labia fetish. It is a fetish all of its own but does have cross overs with others like medical fetish, as you could use medical equipment to inspect them.

You can use weights to pull down labia, just like you would on nipples or even the clit. Just build up the weight slowly and only leave them on for a short time to labia fetish injury. I want to hear from other women who have large inner lips what have been your experiences with them? Good and bad? Do you embrace them? If so, have you always?

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And i want to hear from lovers an Members looking for: Labia Fetish. Write for free Create free personal. Trying something new. Need a sugar daddy simp that I can dominate. Create free personal. Text Preview Edit. Age from to Years.

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City Worldwide km. Specific date? Check this box if you have specific date in mind. Similar to Labia Fetish. Armpit Fetish. Fetishes are often about transgressing social convention and playing around with taboos. One of the things we as a society have developed some serious taboos regarding is, unfortunately, our own bodies - particularly the bits of them that grow hair and make smells!

Naturally, then, there are some people for whom the idea of armpit licking, sniffing or even armpit sex is erotic and fantastical. It might not be the most common of fetishes, but it's an entirely healthy and explicable one! Medical Fetish. Many people love a bit of sexualised roleplay, and medical situations are a pretty common theme in a lot of folk's fantasies. Labia fetish, nurses, patients and hospitals are all the subject of any of sexy imaginary scenarios--and while you woudn't want situations like this to arise in real life, they can be an incredibly hot fantasy to act out in the privacy of your own relationship or bedroom!

Medical play is actually a very common and highly varied kink. Fans of the fetish often own plenty of leather and latex, enjoy labia fetish up in fetishised versions of medical uniforms, and get a big kick out of play that involves various medical accoutrements such as pinwheels, enemas, tongue depressors and metal gags.

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Belly Fetish. Tummies are an often maligned part of the body. How often do you hear someone moaning about how much they hate their stomach? Belly fetish even has its own name — alvinolagnia. Which is used to describe someone who is sexually attracted to stomachs or navels.

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People with a belly fetish have varying desires. Some love big, round bellies and others like flat, thin ones. Every person is different and finds different bellies attractive. Send messages for free.

Labia fetish

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