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Get insight into the reasons why young people may get involved in sexting and what you can do to support your child on this issue and resolve the situation. In fact, this is not true. Nobody should feel that this is expected or that they have to do this to keep a relationship alive.

This is very often an emotional or mental health need or a learning difficulty. In these situations, other people may take advantage of their neediness or trusting approach to friendship and can manipulate the child to share a nude or explicit image by pretending to be in a romantic relationship with them. Young people who have shared nudes do not always do this because they are pressured.

Some tell us they do it for fun or because they thought they looked good. All communication online is a form of personal expression and it needs a sensitive approach from parents to explore this issue with their child as they develop their identity in their teenage years. They should not be shamed or punished but helped to understand that this is not appropriate or even lawful.

If they build trust, they might. s to look out for on profiles. Impact of coercive relationships Catfished nudes child might find they are friends with someone catfished nudes a group who are controlling and pressure the child into doing things for them. This could escalate into requests for nudes. Your child might earnestly believe that these people are their friends and, in his or her eagerness to be accepted, your child may do what is asked.

It is against the law to try to solicit sexual images from and to possess or distribute explicit images of. Under the law, anyone under 18 is. If the child is under 13 the offence is even more serious For more information, visit gthe Child law advice website. Many sexting incidents are now dealt with in this way. However, for more serious incidents for example, deliberately sharing an image to abuse — using the image to coerce or exploit the victim prosecution may still take place.

The Zipit app can help your child fend off requests to share nudes from young people they know. Childline — a free helpline. If you believe it is more serious than one-off inappropriate behaviour between young people who have now apologised and tried to make amends, you are free to report it to the police. Fun on social. You, your games, your friends. Conversations to have. My child is being cyberbullied.

A positive catfished nudes activity. Create your family agreement.

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Posting nudes and sexting. Learn more. More in The hard stuff. You are in: The hard stuff. The hard stuff Do the basics First steps Know the facts Helpful stuff.

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What you need to know. How might this happen? Here are a few examples of how this may happen and what s to look for. Tap on the boxes below to learn more. Be a young person in love with the child, but is older Offer protection and understanding Like the same music and have the same interests Understand their worries. Impact of coercive relationships. Your child might find they are friends with someone or a group who are controlling and pressure the child into doing things for them. s that your child may be sharing nudes Here a list of things to look out for that catfished nudes indicate that your child may be sending nudes and in of your support.

In rare cases, can be given a smartphone to use to communicate with this person who tells them it is a gift because they love them. The intention is to hide the relationship from parents and carers. What you can do to help them. If they fear you will take these steps, they may not confide in you when they most need to do so. They may also fear that they will lose their friends and sources of support. What the law catfished nudes. Where to go for help. Advice for young people in this resource includes: Inappropriate content Peer pressure Nudes and sexting A healthy relationship.

Other sections you will find in Tackling the hard stuff Tap or click on the tile to learn more. Scares, panics, and challenges What you will learn. Tackling cyberbullying What you will learn. Practical tips to support that is experiencing cyberbullying.

Chatting to strangers What you will learn. How to help children recognise 'what a friend is' online. Seeing inappropriate content What you will learn.

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Coping strategies to help young people deal with seeing things that catfished nudes upset them online. Online challenges, are they harmless? What you will learn. How some popular challenges may carry certain risks. Online peer pressure What you will learn.

How online peer pressure can influence your child's behaviour on and offline in positive and negative ways. Extremism and hate speech What you will learn. What should I do if my child is exposed to hate speech by other young people? Balancing screen time on social media What you will learn. How to help your child manage their screen time on social media. Managing personal information What you will learn. Practical things help your child stay in control of their personal information.

Spending money online What you will learn.

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Spotting fake news and scams What you will learn. Tips to help your catfished nudes spot the difference between fact and fiction on social networks. Underage s on social media What you will learn. How to report underage s on a range of networks. Gaming risks and benefits What you will learn.

How gaming can support young people's development and interactions with others but also risks to watch out for to help them game safely. Understanding community guidelines What you will learn. What to expect to see in most community guidelines to make your child aware of what is allowed on the platforms. What the law says What you will learn. An outline of what the law says on a range of online issues.

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Catfished nudes

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Someone has threatened to share my nudes. What do I do now?