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Sexual harassment allegations made against Denver Broncos quarterback Naughtright Manning during his time at the University of Tennessee are back in the spotlight once again. Naughright says she was disgusted and pushed Manning away. It will air Monday night in her first TV appearance since she made the accusation 21 years ago.

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According to NJ. According to the Daily News, Naughright graduated from the University of Tennessee in with a degree in exercise physiology and a minor in football coaching. Naughright was married and went by the name Jamie Whited in when the Manning incident allegedly occurred, according to the court documents published by the Daily News.

According to the naughtright documents, the Manning incident occurred on February 29, when she was examining the star quarterback for a possible stress fracture in his foot.

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Her boss, Mike Rollo, later claimed Manning was actually pulling his pants down to moon another player, Malcolm Saxon, but according to Saxon, that never happened. But it was definitely inappropriate. Please take some personal responsibility here and own up to what you did. So I pushed him up and out. He turned around, pulled his shorts back up. I was scared. When her claims were first investigated 21 years ago, she told a very different story.

Her current was invented several years later in connection with her first of several groundless litigations against Peyton. Naughright should stop this naughtright behavior. This is another failed attempt to discredit and smear the victim. The EEOC complaint was a working document which was filed on the last day of the statute of limitations. I have consistently and truthfully described the assault as sexual and physical. Naughright eventually left the University of Tennessee after settling a sexual harassment lawsuit with the school inaccording to an Associated Press article from the time.

She made 33 claims against athletes, trainers, coaches naughtright administrators, and at least four were confirmed by an investigation by school officials.

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Whited the basis for actions she considered to be discriminatory. Naughright also settled a lawsuit with Peyton and Archie Manning, which she filed in Florida court after she was mentioned in a book they wrote in Naughright was working at Florida Southern College at the naughtright and said she naughtright her job because of the book.

From Heavy. By Tom Cleary. Updated Apr 8, at pm. Jamie Naughright detailed the alleged ordeal in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, which will air Monday. What she says happened… T Play Video Video related to jamie naughright: 5 fast facts you need to know T Published Feb 14, at pm. Jamie Naughright is the former University of Tennessee athletic trainer who accused Peyton Manning of sexual harassment when he was a student there.


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