Nude neighbor stories

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Just like many other websites, we use cookies to personalize content andto provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Without cookies, it would be impossible for Similar Worlds to be secure and effective. about Cookies Hide. Mildly Adult No Notifications. Only logged in members nude neighbor stories reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ». I wrote a story about seeing my female neighbor nude. This is kind of a follow up to that story. Months after viewing my next door neighbor naked in her bathroom I took a day off from work in the spring to get a few financial things done that were difficult at best to do on the weekend.

I had an appointment after lunch so I was out in the yard naked except for sunglasses it was about mid morning. I was raking, trimming trees, sweeping up and doing a general clean up. I figured I was safe for the most part. My little secluded bubble was burst when I heard my neighbor belt out "what are you doing"? I jumped! My heart started pounding and I felt like I got kicked in the stomach. It was my neighbors voice that I heard, the nurse and she was home. I turned and looked in the direction I heard the voice emanate from and replied with the best smart ass remark I could muster at the time and said "just cleaning up the yard".

I replied. I could tell by the tone in her voice that she was kind of serious. I felt a little better and my heart rate came down a bit, but I wanted to make sure that my neighbor was not pissed off with me. I stopped walking and asked her if she was really okay with me being out in my back nude neighbor stories naked. I told her I did not want to upset her or cause any problems between us. She assured me that she was cool with it and never though I was the type of person to do something so crazy.

She told me that I would never catch her running around her back yard naked. Me being a smart ass I asked her if she wanted to run around my back yard naked then.

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She turned the offer down, but she laughed and asked what I was doing home. My neighbor walked up to the fence closer to where I was standing so we didn't have to talk so loud. I could tell she was trying to get a little better look at me, which I though was flattering.

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We chatted for a little while longer before she went back inside. My neighbor causally asked me how often I went naked in my back yard, to which I answered every now and then. I was not telling the truth of course, because I was naked outside every chance I could. I also stated that I generally keep to the other side of the back yard which is a little more secluded. I followed up explaining that I typically just come out for a suntan. She seemed pretty satisfied before going back in to her house. I stayed out for a little longer, but went inside to get cleaned up for my appointment.

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Now the interesting thing is that summer she invited me to go out on the lake with just her and her husband and never said a word about seeing me naked in my back yard. Although she would tease me sometimes if it was just her and I talking. Sometimes she would get a grin on her face if her and her family were all leaving and comment that they were leaving the house for a while. We even took our kids out on the lake together once. I felt that our neighborly relationship got better after she caught me naked.

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Her husband and I always got along great, but she opened up a little, and I felt better about seeing her naked in her own bathroom too. I have often wondered if she ever told her husband. Edited: 1 yr ago. Receive notifications on replies.

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Oldest First Newest First Top. Awesome story View 3 more replies ». I was just naked. Very good. View 2 more replies ». I think they may have moved. Im getting new neighbors and I often times walk out with acup of coffee naked in yard. Hope they are cool with it. It is nice to be naked in your own back yard. Our older male neighbor never objected to my wife sunbathing nude in the secluded back garden. Besides your wife is a very lovely woman. He thought so took.

Wishing she had been my neighbor. I don't think that would have worked out that way. The more I got to know them I made the right decision in keeping quite. It may have been something she enjoyed remembering.

Nude neighbor stories

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