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Forgot your password? I know this is not a dating site. But does anybody know any dating sites for people with our fetish? I am really looking for someone like this and I know it wont happen here. I do have to say that I am so happy to have found this forum. I love it. Thank you for any help. I suggest just using the regular dating sites. I'm on them now and haven't met anyone I want to be in a relationship with, but have gone on first dates with guys that I thought had a similar interest. Basically early on, after s are exchanged and we're texting, I'll bring up something involving pee.

I've said things like "I've drank so much water today and now I can't stop peeing lol" or "I was out walking my pee dating sites tonight. OMG I had to run back to the house fast.

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I thought I was going to pee my pants! Just innocent little comments like that. And then I can tell from their reaction if there's a possibility or not. One guy for example said that I should have just popped a squat outside. I played dumb and said I didn't even think of it, but I have done it many times, so no issue there haha. We went on one date and he peed next to his car in the parking lot in front of me twice. Asked if I needed to go too and if he could find me a better spot.

Too bad I didn't like him, and we didn't go out again. Other guys have just acted indifferent and changed the subject. So no interest, but no harm done either. Try it. It really does work. Most of them look fake. It seems like one company owns several different sites they all have the same interface. Don't fall for those. I live in Cornwall England and would love to hear from you x.

Welcome to the site sure you will enjoy it here abd find what plenty of people to chat pee dating sites about it. Just found this a few moments ago So Still trying to figure out all the details on how it works. But it might be worth a shot looks like only the first 30 days are free though.

Yeah this needs to be a thing. What is that app like that people above mentioned? Has anyone tried it and should I download it. This is my personal opinion - it is not an official answer. I'm writing with my own thoughts here, with the benefit of some insight from being on the staff team.

On top of that there is a very small subset of users who actually interact on the site by clicking reacts or by posting. Maybe in the low hundreds if not less? Many members though are already involved in family and marital relationships rather than being available. Pee dating sites do receive reports of members receiving nuisance messaging including those who's profile shows them as single, so it's not even the case that every eligible person would want to hook-up. So based on those facts, I do wonder if site-led hook-ups would actually provide any real service?

What is the likelihood of two active members being geographically placed to meet, with family circumstances, genders and age preferences which would lend themselves to being suited?

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Are there actually enough members eligible and willing to participate from this little pee-pool of ours. On the subject of being suited, dating agencies put a lot of effort into trying to match people based on their personalities and characters. We have a common interest in pee, but lots of variety in that.

Would a timid man in his 20's into bed-wetting want a pee date with an outdoor exhibitionist pee-vandalising divorcee in her 50's if such types exist on the site? Would a lady into secret naughty wetting be suited to a man who's sole interest is partaking in rough wet BDSM sex? Let's not forget too that the staff are volunteers who at the moment have a relatively low to moderate workload based around the framework of community rules. We generally rely on people being genuine and honest, and following the rules - but as soon as any interaction between members takes place beyond posts on the forum we become less able to maintain those standards.

We expect people to be who they say they are, and to respect those they interact with. Pee dating sites do wonder how quickly a dating facility would become pee dating sites by bots and other harmful agents falsely promising heaven, but potentially intent of creating hell for the innocent member.

We already spend some of our time removing new 'members' who for their own self promotion of non-pee related content. So - I don't mean to be dismissive of the idea, but these are my personal thoughts as to the challenges which would need to be overcome before creating a dedicated area of the site for that purpose. Don't forget though that the site doesn't prevent friendship between members, and for me it's one of the best things about the community. I've made some real friendships over the last couple of years here.

I would consider meeting these people for real - the thing is, trust has to be built up. There is a certain amount of luck - I'm happily married and the three or four people I chat with most are also married, so we're never likely to have a sexual real life relationship. But that's one example. There's no reason why, over time, and generally being friends with people more could materialise.

But that's all about friendships and not instant hook-ups. I use regular dating sites and then after we started talking, I make comments like "I have to pee so bad but I'm so comfy" or that "I'm too scared to walk to the bathroom, the hallway is so dark" that's also how I kind of bring up being a Little if we haven't talked about kinks yet.

I'm a huge fan of the idea of using lighthearted comments to 'test the waters' - the sort of comments that could be laughed off innocently, but at the same time can open a whole line of discussion. That laughed off aspect gives an escape route back to the vanilla if needed.

What's your favourite movie?

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Who's your favourite band? Dream holiday destination? Favourite subject at school? Weirdest place you've ever peed? I have found this site to be a good one. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL.

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