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By cherieSeptember 17, in Omorashi general. I am 24 years old and I am into omo stuff since I was fourteen. Albeit so, I've always felt that there must be something wrong with my fetish I mean, I feel ashamed about my fetish. I have a "normal" relationship with a guy who doesn't know about my "passion" for omo things. Now we've been toghether for two years and from one side, I'd like to share with him omo fetish fetish but from the other side I don't think it would be a great idea since I'm sure that he doesn't like at all omo-related "activities".

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Is there anyone here with the same problem? I mean Doesn't it create moral-related problems? For example, I'm feeling a little bit guilty because while I'm having sex with my boyfriend, I have to think about something omo most of the times to reach the climax and I feel like I'm betraying him I'm Italian I did lead sort of a sexual double life for some years. Though I did not live my fetish out on the web, but rather in fantasies. With two girlfriends I had in my early 20s I tried to gradually introduce them to omo, but they were not exactly thrilled.

So I chickened out and left it with that. In recent years I have more and more spoken openly about my fetish. Though I repeatedly made the mistake of forcing it too much onto my girlfriends. Nevertheless, I am certain that openly talking about it and openly accepting it as a part of yourself is the way to go. About the morale issues: I am in pretty much the same situation. Yes, even as a guy, I usually need an omo related thought to trigger an orgasm.

I suppose things could be easier without this "requirement", but I do not judge it, let alone beat myself up for it. It is just the way things are and I accept that. One of my ex girlfriends even embraced omo fetish that. After an orgasm she almost always had to pee. She told me that with past boyfriends she usually had tried to hide her need. But with me she used it to arouse me further. So, most times when we had sex, she climaxed once or twice before I did. Often she started to tell me she had to go and that she might pee the bed and so on.

You are not "betraying" him just because you're thinking of something else, it's not like you omo fetish thinking of another guy or anything like that. If this guy is really as great as you say he is, then he will not lose interest in you just because you like omorashi, I would bring up the subject by asking him if he has any fetishes first.

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You should NEVER feel ashamed about your fetish, there is absolutely nothing "wrong" with you at all, you should be proud of who you are. In fact I don't think he will lose interest or he won't accept my fetish as a part of me as you said sorry but I haven't managed to quote your messages yet. He has a big foot fetish and we are very open-minded as reguards sexual tastes. My issue is that I'm quite confused about this aspect I talked to a psychologist about my fetish and she told me that I absolutely have to deal with this otherwise my relationship could quit owing to a more and more specific desire for omorashi so at the end this will be the only way to climax and I will lose interest for my partner In fact I don't think this will happen, because this is not my only turn on "trigger" but I perfectly understand this could sound silly I mean, in the end, what's the difference between a latex pants or a public wetting experience, but for me there is so much difference that I'm feeling "sick" because of this.

What was the reaction of the people near you when they discovered your fetish? Were they shocked? Did they try to change your mind about it? Peeing your pants is hardly an immoral crime. It's omo fetish a fetish. It's no better or worse than bondage or role-playing.

It is as moral or immoral as you make it to be. I would recommend examining your relationship if you want to bring omo stuff into your sex life. If your ificant other is truly the good person you believe him to be, he will either be willing to indulge you or politely decline and your sex life continues as is. In either case, you don't have to worry about hiding your fetish anymore. If he utterly rejects you for it, you're probably better off.

Maybe during a time of intimate conversation, you could bring up the subject of omo fetish and ask him what he's into, which it the perfect opportunity to mention your own fetishes. Don't just come out and say it at the spur of the moment. For me, I have no other person in my life that I wish to share this with. There's really nothing to manage. I've had this fetish since about the same time, though there were s of it earlier than that. I've often struggled with the same idea, since it seems that other than online there isn't a lot of other people with the fetish.

I've had relationships that my ificant other has never known about it, and others that they knew and even indulged me on occasion. Having a fetish isn't an immoral thing any more than having sex is in general. It's what turns you on and it helps spice up your sex life both with a partner and on your own.

If that's what helps you reach your climax it isn't betraying your partner, sometimes you just need that little push to help you over the edge. Plus, on a purely psychological omo fetish, having a fetish is considered to be normal, excluding in cases where the fetish may result in danger to a partner or yourself, omorashi is totally harmless urine is sterile and if you trust your partner enough to introduce them to it, even if they don't share it it can be something used omo fetish spice things up when they get a bit repetitive. In the same respect, you may find your partner or partners in the future will have a fetish or kink of their own, and you can both indulge each other and become closer because of it.

Just don't force it on an unenthusiastic partner until they can ease themselves into it. I agree you have received some wise words on this topic, omo fetish I also wanted to send support. My boyfriend knows I'm into it, but he's not so we didn't explore it further. A friend described it as a natural turn-on, same region and exposure from a young age. I'm the same age as you and have also been interested for awhile. I would say if you want to talk about it with them that's great, but it's also ok if it's just your thing.

Hi there, I think you are lucky as you identify as female. A higher percentage of males have kinks than females so your boyfriends are more likely to be "cool" with it even if it's not their particular thing, as they are more used to the idea of kink. Google "Dan Savage Good Giving Game GGG" and you'll see a nice template for sharing your kink with a romantic partner earlier in the relationship, or now if you're in a long term relationship already.

Men are more likely to face rejection, women however can say "here's what I like how about you? My partner is OK with my interest but not into it, and I like vanilla too, so we "outsource" my interest :- not for everyone though to have an open relationship. Good luck! Thank you everyone for the wise and kind words!

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In fact it's not easy to find someone else with this fetish so I think that this forum is a great opportunity to share doubt like this. Even though I haven't decided yet wether to talk omo fetish my boyfriend about it, I'm feeling much more relaxed, and this is a very good result! One more comment.

It is possible to have a long time relationship with someone who is NOT into omo, even if you are. My wife and I have been married 22 years and she is not a fan of omo. She does love squiritng as do Ibut any omo or omo related thoughts activities is as interesting to her as watching paint dry. She does have fantasies that she would use sometimes when she she wanted to orgasm or turn herself on.

I have no problem with that at all.

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