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As many people are doing their civic duty and practicing social distancing to try to stop the spread of COVID, one side effect cannot be ignored: everyone is really horny, and seemingly getting hornier by the day. Porn viewership is up, sex toy sales are through the roof, and cam sites are doing well, too. There's an insatiable need for connection—sexual connection, specifically. It is high time for nudes. The act of sending someone nude photos is a salad of risk, vulnerability, and intimacy—some of the most important ingredients of horniness. While it once was somewhat taboo, it's standard, if still spicy, fare these days.

Virtually everyone surveyed is at least on board with sexts, but how do you make the jump from flirty sexting to nudes? And how, if called upon, do you take a hot pic yourself? Let me—and some of my fellow nude enthusiasts—tell you the rules. You should therefore never surprise a person with a nude pic unless you two have a longstanding relationship where you frequently show each other your naked bodies. Obviously, you should only be sending nudes to someone who asked for them, but you should also be building up to the ass selfie or sultry bedroom shot just sext nudes you would with real life nudity.

So, you want to start by exchanging verbal sexts before you get to visual stuff. You should still give someone a he up before you reciprocate. And of course, you never have to. Men don't show their asses to us enough, to be honest.

We all understand the potential danger of nude photosunfortunately. So to adjust, keep your face out of the picture along with any identifying tattoos if you can and you want to take that precaution. In fact, underwear pics are often even hotter than sending a straight up photo of your junk.

Dick pics have nothing on a sext nudes undergarment. Bright overhead lights are probably not your friend.

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Aim for either natural, afternoon-to-evening lightor dim bedside table light if you want to go for something a little more moody. Either way, you should be facing the light source when you take the picture. The light should never be behind you. And as for camera position, Kelly, 35 from San Francisco put it perfectly.

Your phone should be level to your chest or lower, and the further away you can have the phone from you, the better. It might sound try-hard but self timers are there for a reason, and what else are you doing sext nudes your evenings these days?

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The tone of your pictures does not need to be rose petals on the bed or I-take-my-Tinder-pics-next-to-cars. Also never do that.

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In fact, being playful and flirtatious rather than serious or domineering is probably a more appealing approach. When they make their dick do the jumpy thing. I die. This should not feel like a chore or a great endeavor. You should be enjoying the process as you go. Sending someone a nude should turn you on, too. By Alex Shult z.

Sext nudes

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