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Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? Mobile Site Advanced Search. Last Jump to : 1 to 25 of Thread: Sex with men as Crossdressing girl. Advanced Search. Sex with men as Crossdressing girl I got this question, from a few of my Cd girls friend, wondering about my sex life?

Honesty : You must be honest to the person you going to have sex with that you are Crossdress, many guys have an fantasy of a girl with a dick. Make sure MUST that your makeup done right, Your wig are tight and not going to fallout during the sexual activity : 4. Shave all of your Facial hair and body hair.

I hope you're being careful. Although it might be safer in your country, it definitely isn't in the US and Canada, and I dare say also the UK and Australia, although someone might correct me on this. Last edited by ReineD; at AM. I am really careful about this, Some guys are good some are bad, Look for one that have an open mind! I never have sex with a guy in the first date And i think Thailand are safer in that way.

You are very cute. I'm quite jealous. An be careful! It is a good crossdresser sex forum to get killed in my book, although it might just be a nice fantasy.

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do crossdresser sex forum by the ones you did do. Mark Twain. Originally Posted by celeste Reason: Please read the new rule about any discussion of guns. Originally Posted by EmilyWa. I have watched the Video and i do understand that many parts of the world are not safe for CD girls, I have been so many place around the world and i do familiarize with the dangerous, My point is IF that Cd girl really thinks of going into any sexual action with any guys, She must be Smart and Careful, That why i said Be honest to the guy and to herself, Don't lie, Many times when i see Cr girls gets kill by a guy because she have not be honest to the guy that She is a Crossdressing girl but a real girl.

But it do happens! If it happen what Cd girls should do!

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Sex is a part of human nature. Not all guys hate and wanted to kill CD girls, Be smart with someone you wants to go on a date! Reason: Merging consecutive posts. Please edit your prior post for added thoughts if no one has posted after you. It's nice to not lie Emily, I'm all for honesty as well. But around these parts there are homophobic men who will beat up or kill a beautiful transwoman just because they are attracted to her and they don't want to admit it to themselves.

She can be the most honest person in the world and it will make no difference. Just knowing that she's trans puts her in grave danger of dire consequences, if she's around the wrong type of people. And you never really know how someone feels until it's too late. But, if you're suggesting she go into crossdresser sex forum tranny bar that is filled with men who are actually looking to have sex with trannies, it's a different matter.

She would be safe providing she protects herself against sexual diseases. But then everyone would know she's a tranny anyway, simply by virtue of being there. Thanks for enlightening us about these topics Emily! I'm sorry that so many posters have come to this thread to be judgmental. It's not being judgmental, max.

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It's being realistic. Fantasies are nice and all, but they don't do anyone any good if they lead some poor soul who doesn't live in Thailand into dangerous situations. You should read the news, and also have a look at the video I posted. This is Part 1. There are also Parts 2 to 6 on youtube. It's a video about non-binary gender it's very good and at the end of the video they also discuss recent studies that confirm that homophobic men who are most apt to engage in violence against gays or transare most attracted to them. In other words, these men repress their own feelings of being gay by engaging in hatred against gays and transwomen.

I got this question, from a few of my Cd girls friend, wondering about my sex life? Last edited by Lorenqt; at PM. Reason: TMI for this forum. I do understand the need to be safe; ReineD maybe you didn't intend to be judgmental, but that is how the posts made me feel. I did watch all 6 parts of that series, they were very interesting although as I have done a lot of reading I had seen a lot of the topics before. They could have probably done an entire documentary on how the ladies from the Calypso self-identified.

That crossdresser sex forum have been very interesting. I would have liked to have heard their stories. Last edited by max; at AM. It is one thing to be with a crossdresser sex forum you know, but total strangers is really taking one heck of a risk.

I am a fairly large male and I wouldn't even meet a GG I just met and having no idea of her background whatsoeverthen go somewhere private and put myself in a vulnerable situation in the very least I could be set up for a robbery.

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I admit it would be very tempting, but it just isn't safe for anyone to do that, even a male going with a GG. You just never know what mental state a complete stranger is, and even if they don't rob, rape or kill you, how does one know if they will respect one's limits, or respect one's decision to say "no"?

Renee is right, take it from a GG. If GGs at large would be reluctant to do something, trans should probably be also. I guess intimacy with a stranger can always be a roll of the dice with safety. I feel I am over safe My standards have never let me down. I think it's good to stress honesty though I mean, I think of sex is the name of the game, it should be pretty clear and that some things may be a tad bit different.

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Welcome to the forum though! I haven't seen you here before! Here's Tom with the Weather.

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The only drawback in that freedom is that without it one would not be a human. One would be a monster. Originally Posted by whowhatwhen. Originally Posted by Sophia Claire. Males, no matter how they are dressed, that is people with the XY chromosomes are wired differently crossdresser sex forum those with the XX chromosomes.

A few guys want to meet me now, too. I have only met one time before. No violence, and no penetration. He did not want to meet me again. Always a fear factor, though. This is SUCH an important topic and I am quite impressed to see that it has not been banned on what I consider to be a fairly prudish and "up tight" forum.

Kudos to CD. Crossdressers and TG women are regularly beaten and sometimes killed just because they ran into a homophobic male. And in my book, MOST men are incredibly homophobic. No matter how nice a man may seem, the mixture of alcohol and testosterone can often be fatal. Originally Posted by Stephenie S. Listen carefully to what is said, quite often you can hear what is not being said The joy of correcting a mistake can bring pain to another.

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