Saliva swapping

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Scientists have demonstrated that boys well, men really do have cooties a simplified term for bacteria that can spread to girls OK, women by kissing them. It would be seconds, or 8 minutes and 20 seconds. A team of Dutch researchers recruited 21 couples who happened to be visiting the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam on a summer day.

All 42 volunteers whose ages ranged from 17 to 45 allowed the researchers to wipe their tongues with a cotton swab several times. They also agreed to spit into sterile tubes and answer questions about their kissing habits. They quantified this using a measure called the Morisita-Horn index, where 0 indicates complete overlap and 1 means no overlap at all.

The MH index value for kissing couples was 0. According to the bacterial analysis, a fresh kiss barely budged the similarity index value. In a further test, some of the volunteers were given a probiotic yogurt drink spiked with a marker bacteria. Researchers swabbed their tongues and asked them to kiss their partners.

Then the partners saliva swapping their tongues swabbed. A single kiss had no immediate effect on the composition of bacteria in the saliva samples, the researchers found. But swapping spit certainly entails swapping bacteria as well.

The saliva swapping often a couple kissed, the more similar the bacteria in their saliva samples. The scientists calculated that couples had to kiss at least nine times a day to achieve an MH value below 0. The researchers concluded that the men were most likely exaggerating the frequency of their romantic encounters.

Most egregiously, one male volunteer said he averaged 50 intimate kisses per day. Love science? Karen Kaplan is science and medicine editor at the Los Angeles Times. Before ing the science group, she covered technology in the Business section. Police officers treat Black and white men differently.

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Saliva swapping

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Mouth to mouth: Kissing transfers 80 million bacteria, scientists say