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in. December, 19, So today I am going to put on my Dr. I have been a pract i cing Hotwife longer than I have been a blogger. My writing is aimed at telling the truth about the day to day life of a traditional soccer mom type of Hotwife, and being a woman whose marriage is open on her end because her husband wants to share her with other men. Here is the answer to that question and before I Post this missive I will explain my current marital status in detail to anyone who cares, at the end.

As I said, I have been a Hotwife longer than I have been a blogger. He used to them to me when we were building our Intimacy and Communication which we never had during the first twenty years of our marriage before I agreed to consider doing what he was fantasizing about. Sorry I was getting off message. So when I became a blogger it was only after Michael and I figured it out.

My early blog Posts began with our story of how we got to where we were. I think that there may be some confusion by the dates on the Posts even though this is explained on my website. The dates in hot wife fantasy beginning were not the dates of the events, they were, and still are, the date I posted them.

Let me just say that not all the advice I got about blogging was golden! So besides my personal experience, how do I know what I know? What makes me an expert on this subject? There are three ways people find me.

They find me on Tumblr where admittedly I am swimming it the sewer of porn, or they find me on Medium. I have received thousands of s from men and women from over 40 countries. My website is like my breasts. The content is all mine. Why am I sharing that? So that you understand that once I abandoned my self imposed word count limit my readership soared along with my. I know what I know from hearing the same things from both men and women in and out of the Lifestyle for the last three years. Think of Dr. My Coconut Telegraph keeps me firmly grounded when I get something wrong and they give hot wife fantasy praise when I get it right.

Here is an example. I have been saying for quite some time now that wearing an ankle bracelet is not that meaningful for a practicing Hotwife. How do I know that? I know that because not only has that been my personal experience but when I started talking about it, I got dozens of s from women in the Lifestyle, telling me I got it exactly right, and that wedding rings are a much bigger advertisement that a married woman may be available to a potential poacher.

But having said that I still wear mine unless I am working and I continue to recommend a Hotwife wear one. Most do. The point is only that wearing an ankle hot wife fantasy is not everything! Back on the subject of how I know what I know, I know that for a married man to fantasize about sharing his wife with other men is as normal as masturbation! I have fantasies too. Some of them I would never want to happen to me in real life.

MOST men have that fantasy but not all men know how far they would want it to go in real life. I have great news for you! You are perfectly normal!

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So how can Dr. The answer is simple. Just so you know I answer all myunless it is rude. If I am working it may take me a few days. I am used to getting hate mail from the caption writers and the Morals Police. My marriage:. There is no trouble in paradise. I have addressed this on a few occasions both publically and privately, but here we go again. If I am going to hold myself out as someone who tells the truth about the Hotwife Lifestyle, unless I share my own journey through life truthfully as well, I would have no credibility.

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It is not about the condition of our marriage, our relationship, or anything to do with me being a Hotwife. We are together as our business and personal travel schedules allow.

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Michael and I do not have a traditional Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle, if that were even possible since I happen to believe that there is no one size fits all, Lifestyle of any kind. The reason we are not living together is business related and is a matter of convenience for both of us. He is a business owner there which hot wife fantasy him to establish and maintain residency.

We talk every single day unless I am working and he still de-briefs me after every Hotwife date I have. If Michael had his way I would be out hunting for prey as a Cougar 7 nights a week so I would have new stories for him. Our marriage is a win-win for both of us even though we are not living together at the moment. I am still doing what he wants me to do and she is no threat to our marriage, and I am not jealous of their relationship.

I am pretty sure this explanation is going to raise almost as many questions as it answered, but I tried! Lexi is not a real doctor. Hotwife Lifestyle blogger, lifestyle coach, and Wife Sharing advocate. Write to me at AlexisMcCall35 Yahoo. Get started. Open in app. Alexis McCall. in Get started.

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What It Means When Men Have 'Cuckold' And 'Hot-Wife' Fantasies