Why are people into vore

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Vore is a fetish for eating, but not in the traditional sense.

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Fantasies typically revolve around eating people or creatures, or being eaten by them, either by swallowing them whole or in bites. There also tends to be crossover with groups such as furries people interested — either sexually or otherwise — in anthropomorphic animal characters and macrophiliacs those with a fetish for giants. These have proliferated, giving people an outlet for their fetish, and a way to indulge it without judgement or fear.

We spoke to E, a year-old vorearephiliac from Massachusetts in the US. E told Metro. It has always existed as one of many lenses through which I have experienced my life. It took a lot of personal growth and soul-searching to become comfortable with vore as a part of my sexuality. Softer vore includes images of someone or something being swallowed whole with absolutely no bloodshed or death involved. There is a common misconception that this is a sado-masochistic fetish, but for many people their vore interests include no pain from either side at all.

Hard vore is much rarer you never tend to find it on forums and online communities and shows tearing of flesh and eating. Understandably, this is considered much more distressing, and some people believe those into it are cannibals — even if they never act on the fetish. I like the predator to be larger than the prey, but I can deal with same size.

I do not care if the predator is male or female.

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I generally prefer furry preds. There are various theories about why people get into vore. Others have looked at the comparisons made in literature and beyond between hunger and sexual desire, and believe this may play a part. It can also be caring, protective, and loving. Like any fetish, there are a of ways to enjoy it, but since vorarephiles are limited to non-physical and often non-human fantasies, there tends to be a lot of crossover with other fetishes that favour using art and imagination as part of the sexual ritual.

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E says. Will they become tired of digitally created images and try to eat someone or be eaten IRL? Will soft vore escalate and become something much more gruesome and dangerous? E is absolutely fine with enjoying vore in the virtual world only. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful life and I am absolutely not prepared to give that up to live out a sexual fantasy.

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Get your need-to-know lifestyle news and features straight to your inbox. Cock vore: Fitting completely into the urethra or being enveloped by the foreskin. Unbirth vore: Backwards giving birth — re-entering through the vaginal canal. Oral vore: Classic swallowing, through the mouth and into the digestive system. The lifestyle from Metro. up.

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Why are people into vore

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We Talked to People About How They Got into Vore