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Since we wrote our Quick Parental Guide to Kikthe messaging platform has only gotten more popular. Kik Messaging: The Basics.

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Operating System Level: Disable in-app purchases, block inappropriate web content, and block access to items such as contacts, location, photos, and so on. Both of these features can be enabled. Parental Control Software: On this level, you can block the downloading of Kik, and you may want to consider doing that on other devices your teens can access, limiting use to one device.

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You can also set a strict schedule for when Kik is allowed and block other features you may prefer teens not to use without your permission. Teens should know how to recognize online grooming and to come to you if somebody says or shares something upsetting to them.

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Adult Behavior: The sad truth is most adults may not realize is on the network and will openly discuss awkward topics, use profanity, and otherwise share information that upsets teens. And teens may enter adult spaces without realizing it. Fraud: Financial crimes are common on social networks, and Kik collects less evidence than most. Many criminals will manipulate teens to get passwords, credit card s, and other information, and malware and other risky apps are commonplace.

Teens should learn the basics of spotting fraud and general self-protection, like not clicking links sent by strangers. Cyberbullying: Young kik should know how to quickly mute, report, and document attempts at cyberbullying. They should also know to come to you to discuss these problems.

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Interacting online is always going to be fraught with a degree of risk. Parental control software can help mitigate that risk. To learn more, try it for free! Search For. This makes tracking online predators and inappropriate behavior difficult to track. Parenting Hacks.

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Young kik

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