Saran wrap mummification

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In our BDSM, kinky world, mummification refers to the complete immobilization of the bottom. Saran wrap mummification is fun, easy and inexpensive.

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It places the bottom in a situation of powerlessness and sensory deprivation which allows him to float off, forget problems, and offer complete trust to the Top. A second Top is very handy for keeping the bottom from falling. In this basic article, we will not discuss advanced elements such as using gags, catheters, or breathing tubes during mummification. The following precautions can be violated only if you are very experienced with measures necessary to ensure the safety of the bottom.

Leave both nasal and mouth passages open to assure no breathing problems. Be sure the bottom has urinated if the scene will be long. Otherwise the tight bindings will eventually cause unwanted discomfort. For longer scenes, offer water to the bottom periodically to prevent dehydration due to excessive sweating.

Having the bottom count slowly from 10 to 1 out loud may restore calmer breathing.

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Do not rush your mummification. Wrapping with saran wrap is a major event, not just a preliminary to a scene. It can easily take 30 minutes, and longer if you like, especially if accompanied by verbal commentary. You could also add rope decorations or make a rope harness.

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Use your ingenuity. But keep checking on the bottom for safety.

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Another rather impressive way to wrap your mummy is in cloth — just like a real Egyptian mummy! Get the 5.

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Black is especially stunning. Unwrap slowly; too often the ending of a scene is not given the attention it deserves and requires.

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Mummification is not only makes for a great scene for both top and bottom, but is also a terrific crowd pleaser in public play. Although this article is far from a complete guide to mummification, if you are cautious and observant, you can have a great scene even on the first try!

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Always play Safe Sane and Consensual.

Saran wrap mummification

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