Self spanking positions

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What other items from the house would be best used to self spank?

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I know some basics, but wanted to self spanking positions if anyone had other ideas or something which works well. Christina 4 posts. Jersey 2 posts. I used the switch from the window blinds. That worked really well for a while and a belt. I would do it bear bottom spanking no jeans laying flat on your stomach on the bed. Things I''ve been told via : switch tree branchbelt, wooden spoon? Are there any others? I was also thinking of a metle coat hanger- like taking it apart and using it I guess it would be like the switch tho? I''m not sure- I''m very new to this as you can all probably tell.

The only way to tell if the guitar string would hurt is to try it on your self. Try a cutting board. My Mom use to use that on my brother all the time. I recently had a mentor that lives in pitt Self spanking positions you so much for your help- what do you guys think of corner time- if you apply it yourself? Is it effective for you, or just another thing to do? I don''t like corner time.

I think it''s for children. I like just to be spanked, made to be written reports, and lines during punishment procedure. That''s what works best for me. I think it can be very affective especially the leading moments up to the punishment time plus after your spanking it makes you remember how much it hurt because you can''t touch your bottom Self spanking positions tried - across the bed, over a chair, kitchen island, standing in a bent over position.

Items used - belt, riding crop, spaghetti measure similar to a wodden paddlecane, hair brush, bath brush and plastic spatula. Hard to get full impact when self spanking.

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Can sometimes land in unexpected places but you can end up with red hot cheeks with most implements!! Interested in other positions tried by others. I found that laying on your back, lifting legs is a "good" position for self spanking. For belt: I read the other day, holding it in your right hand swinging it around your left side letting it hit your right side- works well- haven''t tried it yet.

For belt: I read the other day, holding it in your right hand swinging it around your left side letting it hit your right side- works well- haven''''t tried it yet. I only spanked myself one time and while it hurt like the dickens, I needed the hugs and the cuddles afterwords I guess it stems from not getting alot of affection growing up.

Anyway, corner time which I need, the scolding, then the spanking was how Daddy and I did it. I layed on the couch face down and used a bathbrush We both found this to not be as effective for me, so that''s why we started looking into finding a spanker here in NJ as well. I am an early to bed person anyway, but being sent there and knowing I have to stay there is very effective for me. I usually start out up on my knees not bending over on them and start over thin shorts or leggings this lessens the bruising and if you wet the shorts first it intensifies the pain, specially when you take them off to continue the spanking!!

Then when i''''ve taken off the shorts i lay on my tummy on the carpet, often with a pillow under my tummy, and continue spanking. The most effective implement ive found is a wooden bath brush The other things I use are Ive tried with a belt but couldnt get a good enough swing to make it hurt any tips on that one? Its usually ten minutes sitting on my sore spanked self spanking positions. Thank you for your input, it has helped a lot. Everyone has said a wooden spoon, I''m going to get one today- we''ll see what happens.

Idea sent to me via : cutting a switch and then soaking it in hot water sounds like a major discipline. Does anyone have self spanking positions guide lines they choose to follow- like if you do this, then this will happen? If so, how do you set those up- I tend to be to easy on myself. I found this site to be helpful. I have personally tried the advice given and found it quite effective. I enjoyed the reading, have used the implements mentioned--except for the bath brush. I have "lit up" my backside often but not for a long time and have never felt fully satisfied from a self spanking.

One suggestion that hurts and stings and welts like everything is an electrical extension cord. Use your dominant hand and adjust the swing of the cords to strike different places on either cheek. You can make yourself dance around that way but, since you are in control, you never get a full experience. I am standing and bare. I've 'enjoyed' all he implements mentioned including the cane, but best of all for me is the Jokari bat.

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Here's an idea for self 'punishment' sensation: put fresh nettles down your pants. Sit down on them. Try it. But have a bowl of cold water and some antihistamine cream ready! I also do cornertime when I spank my self before and after spanking and I set a timer and use a paddle and bend over bed or chair. Has it really only been 2 months?

It seems like forever ago when I first came on SN, so much has changed since then When I wrote this post, I was trying to "punish" myself to motivate myself- that never happened- no good. Also then I had never used soap before- ooooh I have now! Thank you Cp for not letting me give up on all of this. Shortly after I wrote this post I got very discouraged and frustrated- asked to be deleted- but that is when Cp and I started talking.

After just a bit he was willing to be my mentor and told me he'd never quit on me. All that said- stick with it and find a mentor! I know how hard it self spanking positions trying to do it all yourself- very hard. For me, punishment has never been the motivation for self spanking. My aim, and desire, is to experience the sensations which I love for some reason. And it's the after effects which are most important, the redness, and the warmth. I've been thinking lately of the moment when I first became aware of this.

I'd had my bottom smacked by my mother but it didn't seem to have affected me? Then one day at school, age about 13, I was told to come out to the front and bend over.

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I was then given two strokes with a 'slipper'. When I sat down I was suddenly aware of a delicious tingling sensation all over my bottom. It's something I've never forgotten. Self spanking attempts, for me, to recapture this experience. Have you ever visited Rebs paddles on line self spanking positions offer a self spanking paddle which is just right in length and thickness it is very stingy as I can attest personally as my wife has used it on me in the past. It doesn't do anything for me. For one thing I can stop when it hurts and there is something more helpful when spanking is done by someone.

Spanking myself just doesn't do anything for me emotionally- if that makes sense. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. ! Self Spanking Position. Followers 2.

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Guest akspank11 Posted June 1, Posted June 1, Hi- I''m still new to this. What are some good positions if you are self spanking? What are other punishments which may be effective?

Self spanking positions

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