Sexting ass

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Sexting is fun! So fun, in fact, that if you asked your most honest girlfriends, nearly all of them would readily admit to doing it.

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The key to sexting is to be a saucy distraction. Whether you leave your lover aroused or walk them through to the finish is up to you, your partner, and the time you have. But for those among us who are novices, the most important thing to remember is be honest about your desires, keep the texts short and to the point, and ease into it to take the chat from lukewarm to scalding hot.

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These sexting examples will walk you all the way from beginning to toe-curling end… if you push it that far. Feel free to spice up — or down — whatever your comfort level may be. Namely, just like with any other kind of sex, you should always ask first. Seek consent and get it before engaging in sexting.

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Yes, even in a committed relationship — after all, in addition to the fact consent should be a non-negotiable, the person on the receiving end of your sexy messages might not be in an ideal moment like mid-work-presentation. The trick to continuing a satisfying sext exchange is to keep it natural and logical. Ending your little excursion into the darker side of texting can be the hardest part.

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While sexting is a completely natural and healthy way to express sexuality among adults, we are unfortunately living in the age of revenge porn and hacking scandals. So, always practice reasonable caution. Just like it is always preferable to enact safe sex and consent practices, it is just as important to practice safe and consensual sexting.

Be cognizant of what you say and to whom, and be mindful of the photos you send. Other than that, enjoy! We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics.

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Sexting ass

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