Women who want dick pics

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Ah yes, the humble dick pic. That badly lit, ill-conceived picture of the one-eyed snake that generally strikes with no warning, often is done under the influence and only seen for a moment or two before slithering back to the safety of the bush. And what we wanted to know is whether girls do or do not like them. Whether boys like receiving them is an article for another day. With the promise of pure anonymity, we got the girls to give us the lowdown on what they think of the down low:. MMS still seems to be the carrier of choice, but more than half have also received explicit images via Snapchat — most likely finding comfort in the fact the image will self-destruct after 10 seconds.

A quarter of girls responded with a hard and fast N. Exactly half admitted dick pics do in fact, have a time and place.

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A third surveyed said that the sender of the image came across as confident while a quarter thought the behaviour was predatory. Arms are apparently the sexiest part of the male body.

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In fact, only a quarter of girls said they consider the penis to be a bit of a turn on for them. When it comes to receiving a snap from your partner, though, there are arguments both for and against it — it all really depends on what works best for you and your relationship. The main takeaway here, is consent. If your lady friend is into it and has explicitly said so, then bloody go for it. Already registered?

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Women who want dick pics

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