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Danielle Young started her writing career by interviewing celebrities on and off the red carpet and retelling their stories. She then peppered her writing with her larger-than-life personality, quickly catching the eyes of and ears of pop culture addicts.

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When any entertainment story breaks, you can count on Danielle's unique, opinionated and hilarious spin. ThinkBeautiful As I walk away, my mind works overtime, wondering why those type of words evoke such a feeling of embarrassment. And then, why is said embarrassment slowly morphing into anger?

I look in the mirror everyday and even though over the years I have transformed my obese body from a size 26 to a curvy size 18, I still consider myself chubby, fat, plus size, chunky…any of the terms that mean my thighs rub together. Most of the time, it was the first thing on their list of why they liked me. Ok, I get it. Fat fetish chat asked me if I could come over and sit on them, lay on them or smother them with my weight in various way.

I think the embarrassment that morphed into anger that I spoke of earlier was sparked by how their affections made me feel.

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Whether their affections were verbal or physical, it was never comfortable. Their touches and their words made me aware of my size, my stretch marks and the feeling of my fat freely wobbling with each move I made.

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The difference here was that my fat was not the only reason he dated me. Austin loved my smile, my charm and sense of humor. He called my curves the icing on the cake.

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Unfortunately, as a big girl, I have to walk that line between men who love curves and men who have fat fetishes. No matter your size, no woman should accept a man that wants more to do with her body than her mind.

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Fat fetish chat

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