Cuckold role playing

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Could you point me in the right direction here so we can have some fun while remaining monogamous? Thomas even sees his relationship as monogamous—at least on his side. My husband does.

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I just get to watch sometimes. Thomas created a popular Tumblr blog about gay male cuckold relationships back when there was very little information about gay cuckolds online, CUCKGIRL, much less gay cuckold porn or other resources. I immediately identified with the cuck but I was too embarrassed to bring it up with my husband because it went against our vision of our marriage but also because I only ever saw cuckolding represented in straight porn. His was just one of the many sex blogs—deeply personal passion projects, one and all—that were lost forever after the geniuses who ran Tumblr decided to purge adult content from their platform.

In a matter of days Tumblr saw its traffic fall by one-third and its value crater.

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A more monogamous way to explore cuckolding without opening the relationship—not even a crack—is simply to ask your partner to tell you about her past sexual encounters. Listening to your partner talk about hot experiences she had with other women while you masturbate or while you two fuck is a great way to explore cuckolding without actually opening up your relationship.

But the most important thing is to keep communicating. Always communicate! And give each other veto powers and go easy on yourself. Cuckolding is a fantasy that plays with your fears around monogamy and infidelity—it can be very hot but it can be scary too.

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So take it slow. Like a lot of sex bloggers who were kicked off Tumblr, Thomas migrated over to Twitter, where he currently has more than 13, followers. His handle on Twitter is gaycuckoldhubby. If this was a one-off affair, I think I could work past this—counseling, open marriage, some sort of solution. Once a cheater, always a cheater?

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But a little perspective would be helpful. For most of your marriage—for most of a marriage you describe as perfect—your husband was cheating on you. I often masturbate thinking about the straight boy who wakes up in female underwear, tied up, gagged, and pegged by a female. Is there a name for this fantasy?

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Cuckold role playing

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