How to spot a hotwife

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Men are much less likely to notice their partner is cheating on them and women are better at covering up affairs, according to Auckland private investigator Julia Hartley Moore. During her 21 years as a PI, Moore has found just as many women cheat as men.

The difference is women are better at not getting caught. Men are often a little late at latching onto the s. Moore says if a person notices a of these little changes in their partners behaviour they should "step back and assess if it's just their imagination or something more".

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Married people are typically home with each other at night, if that suddenly changed it would raise too many red flags. The majority of married people will conduct their affairs in the morning, before work. Commonly heard excuses are either they've ed the gym and are going to early morning classes or they're starting work early.

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Obviously it won't be about their affair, but they might make a benign or even derogatory comment about the person. It's a tactic to lead their spouse off the scent. Men will actually want more sex from their wife if they've got another woman on the side. An active sex life often fools wives into thinking their marriage is peachy when really it's anything but. If a husband notices lingerie in their wife's wardrobe, but hasn't seen her wear it, it could be an indicator of infidelity.

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It's particularly noticeable when men, who don't take pride in their appearance, suddenly start preening. If it never leaves their side, hidden from view or if they leave the room to take a call, that's a worry.

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Sure, we're all attached to our phones, but if it becomes excessive, it's a red flag. That's probably because your other half has been treating their new fling and are covering up the evidence.

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Private eye explains how to spot a cheating partner. Laura BakerJun 27 Just as many women have affairs as men do, but woman are far more calculating and cunning about how they have affairs than men. Private investigator Julia Hartley Moore says men need to sharpen up on the s of infidelity if they don't want to be walked over. If men don't want to be walked over they "need to learn to trust their gut and see the s", she says.

A woman's intuition tends to be stronger, but they can also miss the indicators as they are too "bombarded with children and work".

How to spot a hotwife

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