Erotic hypnosis induction

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This site contains adult content. If you are new here, please for a basic guide to getting startedas well as a description of what you can find on this site. For a spreheet of ALL files published from mid to today, including links, lengths, descriptors, and other information. All content on this site is consensual fantasy only.

All characters in all stories are aware of what is going on, in control of themselves, and consenting to all of the fantasy play they take part in at all times. All content is consensual and discussed consent directly while also being fantasy content.

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All characters involved in any fantasy writing or audio are 21 or older, and their behavior is at all times consensual and knowing. If you ever feel unsafe or like you're not enjoying a filethis is my vicarious and prior reminder that you can turn that audio file off and take a break, or never listen to it again.

It is the same as listening to a song and deciding you want to stop, or listen to another one. You can always turn the file off and walk away to do something else you enjoy instead. You have that power, always.

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Content on this site contains a variety of graphic themes, some of which may be disturbing to some listeners. Please exercise discretion. Because this work involves vulnerability and trust, please listen to the contents of all files you intend to trance to in full before going into trance for them, so you can be sure their themes are ones you can safely and enjoyable consume while in deep trance. Tags on entries are not exhaustive, but if you notify me of something you'd like to have tagged I will do my best to tag it on future entries.

If I forget or you spot a content warning I did not, notify me erotic hypnosis induction the entry will be edited to reflect that warning. Thank you for listening. The act of massaging your partner's body becomes a devotional, submissive, blank experience.

Submissive reminders throughout. Service-massage theme. Establishes triggered response to carry out luxurious massage in the same blank state each time. General body relaxation and restoration themes. You visit the idyllic village of Woldbrim, a trader's paradise. You find a trader with his cart stuck against the wall. He asks if he can borrow you for a minute, and you say sure Then get borrowed away to the otherworldly faerie orgy where the queen of the fae still rules over an alternate dimension version of the town.

Only someone with one foot in each world will be able to service her, get her off, and bring her to her fall. Beguiled and obsessed with her juices, her sex as you orally service her, her bladed grin as she smiles down at you and her attendants assist you Holding Space gives you an internal safe room in which to think things over while in meditative puppy comfort Basking Induction and Deepener is about basking in company with your handler.

Brain Trap is about being caught in the words "stay, puppy" and is loopable. Continuing the Tap Tap Tap series, this piece is about dismissing unnecessary thoughts and filling your mind with pleasing purple light instead. Useful to follow on after the first 'Tap Tap Tap - Useful als", this is an instruction set for anchoring a simple trigger to a three-taps-in-a-specific-location mnemonic.

The erotic hypnosis induction of tapping a chosen spot three times with your fingers becomes a useful anchor - a reminder that you are here and only useful information can and should be present with you. You only need certain information in order to function, and a lot of the data you receive from your body can be junk data. Was originally delivered as a live session. Includes much use of the trigger, improved metaphors, and me falling into my own trance as I deliver it.

Safeties of the green, yellow, red light variety are fairly common. Red means the play has to stop so you can discuss or do aftercare. Yellow means go slow, discuss, maybe bring the subject out of trance and talk about it. Using the green safety normalizes using the other two and also helps your top know what to drill down on and focus on. What if it triggered you as well, and helped you to use all of your information conveyance: knowing you can always say any of those colors when they apply no matter how deep you are. Transformation into a female fox-morph and then subjugation as a many-tailed fox spirit's pet.

The kitsune intends to bring you home, but first comes trickery, transformation, and the implication that the spell cast on you will slowly bring you to your knees as her new pet. Pet play and dominance themes. For pussy-having listeners or those who are fine with transformation toward that theme. You are an Amazon, a creature of power and potential. Your pheromones lure in the aroused and interested. Your will is manifested in the world around you. You love to read, you love to improve yourself.

Fortunately, there are no humans at the library today to get caught in your influence. Except one is, and one did, and she is not quite what she seems A story of denial and submission to a seductive raven-haired woman, her body adorned with tattoos and her heart filled with a true thirst for knowledge.

A mysterious witch tells a bedtime story, in exchange for your promise not to masturbate tonight The story of a sleeve which milks cum out of waiting and erotic hypnosis induction penises. The body in the story is treated as a system, and given a lengthy bout of torment.

At the end, the listener is given the choice to either keep listening - in exchange for a promise not to be back until their penis is very pent up and climax is long untouched - or to stop and go to bed, keeping their original promise, if they can resist.

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This is two takes on the same basic idea, one by Elena and one by Victoria Shine whose independent Patreon can be found here and both are available as a single Reward request. Length: 30 minutes and 34 minutes. Anal sex is the new normal. When you wear your chastity belt, you no longer have a cock, you have a clitty. You want to wear heels and stockings, and you want to be fucked, rather than to do any penetrating of your own. Anal sex is the normal way to get off. Get toys, get filled, anything you can do to get off, anal orgasm is the only and best way.

Length: 30 Minutes. Wandering through the desert, you find yourself face to face with a beautiful woman who has a serpentine lower body and a willing manner.

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She takes you back to her place in the nearby ruins, and though she does not speak your language she has a particular way of communicating things with her swirling yellow gaze. Continuing the Automatically series, these two loopable 15 minute tracks serve two different purposes. Roll Over induces a state of complete submission, abandoning all of decorum, you will become aroused, drooling, disheveled, conducting yourself into an edged fully submissive state in preparation for any sexy fun to follow.

Place this on loop or at least a few copies of it before a sexual file allowing release, or use it to prime yourself for your dominant. First Steps is about completing projects you have allowed to weigh on you, by taking them incrementally, hypnotically, step by step. For an example of this series' style, check the Beginner file " Automatically ". Sometimes you spend some time away from trance, from me, and from time spent working on your internal structure. Working with all the other Mentally Muzzled erotic hypnosis induction, Coming Home is about a return to trance.

Use it to reassure and reacquaint yourself.

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Includes some mild sleep triggers and insidious verbiage, as well as erotic hypnosis induction rapport based trance re-builder. If you're someone concerned with 'losing' structures or triggers, this can be a reassurance and a re-induction, say if you've spent some time in an environment where you can't reliably trance, or you want a sexy and convincingly powerful top-up to your thought process.

Builds on the work from Mentally Muzzled - Renovation and uses numerous implied triggers useful for new trancers. Your body has already been altered by Fera's dark magic, the goddess of the predatory hunt having modified you to be the perfect pheremone-infused breeding machine. You are a perfect breeder and you love being impregnated, you only experience pleasure When Fera awakens, she wants to go out into the world and bring you with her. You decide you'd rather "stay in" and get fucked into an even better breeding machine, whatever the consequences. Your alchemy professor has sent you to gather water elemental ingredients.

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One of the special asments available is to visit a land inhabited by numerous water elemental shapeshifters. There, you find a temple to Ilyrias. Ilyrias is the goddess of communion, connection, shapeshifters, waystations, and the flow of water across boundaries. Her descendants are angelic beings with long tendrils and power over illusions.

One of them lives in a certain temple, taking care of it. You are the first person she's actually appeared to in a long time. Together, you participate in her favorite ritual: the connection and communion of mind-linked sexual expression. Normally there are more participants to spread the sensations out. With her tentacles in play and only two of you, the result is more than overwhelming Script by Elena McIvor. I slide a puppy hood with a blindfold, or even just a blindfold, into place.

Darkness takes over, you climb inside your other puppy senses, awakening the aroused and hyper-sensitive puppy body. You push aside all the expectations about your pleasure which society has taught you, and just allow yourself to be what you are: a good puppy. Includes triggers, and some commands, as I slide on erotic hypnosis induction pink strap-on and fuck your ass slowly.

Erotic hypnosis induction

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Erotic Hypnosis