How to get freaky with a girl

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Guys, you need The Obsession Method. Good luck No one asks how to get a guy horny because we all know that it only takes some visual stimulation. Because masculinity is what makes girls horny. Masculinity is the only way to get a girl insanely aroused and super freaky. And masculinity is not something visual that can arouse a girl instantly the same way lewd imagery does for men.

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In this post you will learn how to display your masculinity to make any girl feel an instinctual, animalistic craving to mate with you. Sounds good?

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Start by dimming the lights, you want to create a relaxed atmosphere bright lights only make people alert. Get your room neat and tidy. Girls hate it when everything looks all messy. Make your bed, clean up the garbage and put away all the random stuff lying around. Light up some scented candles and try using the color pink because pink has been shown to make people feel romantic, affectionate and tender.

According to this scientific studysome alcohol can make women feel horny, but too much can actually lower arousal in both men and women making it harder to get wet and holding an erection. There are many ways to apply The Mind-Preparation System, the first way is to release all her stress and let her fall into a blissful state of relaxation. As a general rule: any step in the article that involves getting her freaky without making your intention clear, is part of The Mind-Preparation System.

Aphrodisiacs are foods that increase sexual desire, sexual pleasure, or sexual behavior, for example:. Because this step gets a girl horny without doing anything freaky or sexual, this step is also part of The Mind-Preparation System. You want to talk about the things that make a girl horny?

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Well here is the one thing: wealth. Her clit, vagina and uterus are filled with blood and her breasts feel heavy just waiting for someone to play, grab and suck on them. It feels like it needs a cock to squeeze, stroke and completely encompass. Her first instinct is to lay down and open her arms and legs to her partner ready to get penetrated and pumped. Like I mentioned earlier, because displaying your wealth gets a girl horny without doing anything freaky or sexual, it is also part of The Mind-Preparation System.

And keep in mind, just the act of asking her will actually make her feel more comfortable getting freaky with you in bed. Without sexual tension, there cannot be any horniness, freakiness or arousal. Sexual tension is crucial, so how do you build sexual tension? You make her feel sexually attracted to you without allowing her to fulfill her desires. Take it slow, girls love the journey. Let her heart beat a little faster and let her feel your unbeatable confidence. Studies have proven that physically caressing makes the body produce a hormone called Oxytocin.

Oxytocin makes people feel loved, calm and warm which is exactly how you want every girl to feel! If you follow these steps, not only will she be soaking wet before any penetration, but also crazy horny and freaky! I created The Feminine-Mirroring Technique to solve a very big challenge: men and women are opposites which makes it hard for men and women to connect on a deep level.

This list goes on and on. If this is true how can you ever seduce a girl and make her lustful? Of course, when how to get freaky with a girl comes time to make your bold move to kiss her or take her to bed, do not hesitate because that is the time to be fully masculine and be her powerful man. Being masculine is what makes any girl feel attraction to a guy. No girl gets wet from a guy trying to act like a girl. Like we mentioned earlier, The Feminine-Mirroring Technique should only be used sparingly because if you act like a girl too often there cannot be any sexual attraction.

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Remember: everything in moderation! Most girls feel ashamed to show how freaky they really are. Girls hide their overpowering horniness in order to appear feminine and act like all the other girls. But you need her to express that lust!

Use The Sexual-Conditioning System. The Sexual-Conditioning System is a system that I created to slowly make women feel comfortable with expressing their true sexual nature. Talking dirty is always super effective, but talking dirty in public is doubly as effective. Watch the documentary called The Stealth Seduction and get ready to take a lot of notes because you will learn a lot! Teasing is about poking fun in a playful way.

The key to kissing a girl well to get her totally aroused is about kissing like an man, without holding back. That includes:. Whenever you interact with women I want you to show intense sexual desire because at the end of the day, unconditional desire is what every girl dreams of. She wants attention, but a man is too often distracted and unresponsive. The Rake is a great female fantasy figure — when he desires a woman, brief though that moment might be, he will go to the ends of the earth for her.

This might be the simplest step and the hardest step! They masturbate just like you do! And because you are being so open about your sexuality, she will be too! The Sexual-Conditioning System! Goddamn I might be horny now!

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But why is it such a mystery? Table of Contents.

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How to get freaky with a girl

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