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The upgrade process has been successful.

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It was started at 3am Thai time, and it is now am as I write this. The forum is up and seems to be working fine, and as soon as I submit this post and assuming it works - this is the last testI will be redirecting all old traffic to this new forum post, so you will see it first if you are visiting from the old URL. So, first off.

The new URL. This change comes with some drawbacks, mostly involving google and content already indexed, but the advantages of having it greatly outweigh the negatives. The largest of these allows me to host the forums on a Linux server, which is very fast and good at hosting php forums, and the front end website not yet completed that will be visible at pattayatalk. The new logo. I paid a Pakistani guy for this logo upgrade I am totally open to changing it, and its been suggested by Keyman that we ask you guys if one of you is a graphic artist, if you want to give the creation of a new logo a shot.

If you can and feel like giving it a go, please do! Pattay forum will have a public poll on logo entries including this current one and let you guys decide which to keep. Third, please note: it can take up to a week for the upgrade process to fully finish processing old posts. Until that process is done, posts may have messed up quote pattay forum, bad or poorly formatted photos, or other issues that make them look wrong in some way. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to speed this process up.

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I was able to run it manually on the test server which took 3 days, but doing that here now with a live forum would result in speed issues that are just not worth it in the end. The process works by processing approx.

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There are about 3 million items to process, so obviously this will take some time. I am going to wait until those background processes completely finish before turning on other new features, and I will create a new post describing each of those as I turn them on. The exception to that wait is the new SSL certificate. That is active already, but not enforced. Pattay forum does take more server processing time to process, and slightly slows down downlo. I am happy with the outcome, so far.

So we should be good to go. Let me know what you think, and I will update again once the background processes are completed.

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I know that its not working, and I am purposely not fixing it yet. I will do that either later today or tomorrow. For the time being, until I can get a count of the of s we send out daily, I am using sendgrid for service, to ensure that they all get out ok. Its free for 40k s for the first month, then per day for free.

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If we go over the per day very likelyill have to either change up or pay a monthly fee. Will see how it goes.

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Important: I know at least 2 people sent contact form requests that were not received, and 3 others used the forgot password link and did not receive their s. Due to the nature of the system I pattay forum not know who these people were and I cannot resend that info.

Hopefully whoever you are you are reading this and will try again now :. Please read this first! Recommended Posts. Posted December 14, Hi Guys, The upgrade process has been successful. Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 15, Posted December 16, The contact form now works properly.

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