What is a daddy dom?

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There are many kinds of Dominants. Im not an authority on any kind of Dominant except the Daddy Dom though. The Daddy Dom is by far the gentlest, most nurturing of all the Dominants. A Daddy Dom has to be able to sacrifice for her if needed. At times he disciplines his little. He helps her set and reach goals in life, not just in the lifestyle. He will help her improve herself to be the best she can be, not for him but for her. A mentor.

A teacher. A protector.

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A guide. A lover. He is consistent in his actions so that she knows what to expect from him.

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She must know that she can depend on him. He wants nothing more than to pull her close and protect her from the cruelty of the world. A Daddy Dom listens to all her fears and concerns, knowing no matter how silly or childish they may sound he will help her to confront them. Daddy hears all her dreams, desires, and dirty little secrets and praises her for being bold enough to open up and share herself to him completely.

He kisses her and holds her and lets her know that she is loved no matter what. There is nothing more satisfying to Daddy than to see his little girl succeed and watch as his lessons for her allow her to grow as a person. He revels in her daily accomplishments as much as she does herself.

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He will cuddle and show her the tenderness she craves when she needs it. When she feels ugly he reminds her of how beautiful she is to him. She is his pride and joy. His main priority and his reason for living.

His pride in her shows in the loving way he cares for her. He is the only one for her. Her Daddy. He takes her places, buys her things, and comforts her before bed. He is not afraid to play with her. He will her in activities and explore kinks with her. He learns what she likes and respects her limits. He never dares to demand, coerse, or manipulate her for any act, sexual or non sexual.

A Daddy Dom has love. Lots and lots of love to give and a Daddy needs to be close to someone with the same endless amounts of affection. Daddies are physically close. His little becomes the primary vessel for his love. Without her, he has no one to pour his affections into. And a little must pour their love into their Daddies as well. Daddy Doms need closeness in order to feel needed and complete.

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What is a daddy dom?

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