Blindfold sex ideas

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You need: A clock or an egg timer.

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How to play: Pick a time interval—20 minutes, let's say. For whatever interval you choose, tease each other with kissing, touching, and other forms of foreplay. But no matter what, absolutely do not allow penetration until that blindfold sex ideas time has elapsed. Why: Most busy couples have foreplay down to a science, or rather, a routine. You'll be surprised by how much slowing down changes things. You get really creative and really turned on. You need: A scarf, necktieor a blindfold. How to play: Blindfold him. Lead him to the bed or other locale.

Then proceed to ravish him— slowly, recklessly, teasingly—however you feel like doing it. You call the shots. Let his arousal be your guide. Why: Not being able to see during sex has two major effects—it dramatically increases both sensitivity and psychological vulnerability. Either one is a powerful aphrodisiac maybe you've heard of Fifty Shades of Grey?

Together they can create a love explosion. Variation: He blindfolds you. You need: Four neckties, or more elaborate restraints available at sex-toy stores or online; a bed, preferably one with bedposts. How to play: He ties your wrists and ankles to the bedposts and has his way with you. Why: It can beincredibly erotic to be completely powerless, to be the absolute center of his attention and to have no responsibility for or swayover what happens.

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Variation: If you don't have bedposts, you may be able to tie your wrists to some part of your headboard or tie them together over your head or behind your back. You can get extra-long ties and be tied to the legs of the bed. You need: A hairbrush, riding crop, or just his hands.

How to play: Tell your partner all the things you did wrong today. Blindfold sex ideas failed to take your coupons to the grocery store. You forgot the name of your new receptionist at work. You told your adolescent son to go to hell. Then kneel on the bed. Your manspanks you using his hand or a hairbrush or a not-too-scary disciplinary accessory. Why: Spanking feels good, actually. A smart smack on the butt creates a tingly, alert sensation that combines well with the other feelings of sex.

Variation: The sensations are especially interesting if he combines them with playing with the other body partson display during your spanking. This is an excellent time to try inserting a vibrator. You need: A big towel or blanket and a bottle of massage oil or cream.

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How to play: Spread your towel on the bed or carpet and grease each other up with massage oil—legs, torso, breasts, everywhere. Now roll around for awhile and Why: You will really be surprised at the difference a little lubricant makes in the feeling of skin on skin.

Sure, it's a little messy. But worth it. Variation: If you have a favorite secluded spot, this is fun to do outdoorseven on your own patio. Tip: Don't put mint or eucalyptus oil on sensitive genital areas. But if you have a non-irritating lubricant, greasing up the sexual equipment can be part of the fun. But remember that oil-based lubricants, including massage oil, can degrade latex.

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So don't play this game if you're using condoms or a diaphragm. You need: Scissors, a brand-new razor, and shaving cream.

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How to play: Your partner shaves your pubic hair. First, take a hot bath to soften your skin and hair. Second, use scissors to trim the length. Third, lie on the bed or on a table and let that shaving expert, your mate, foam you up and shave you. It's scary at first, but if he's gentle you will not get nicked. He can shave everything or just neaten you up. Why: Even though guys know what they see in porn isn't realistic, you'd be amazed at what a little one-time noveltycan do for your sex life. Variation: Blindfold sex ideas yourself without telling your partner, and let him discover what you've done.

Be careful when shaving parts you cannot see this is what mirrors are for. Also, once you've shaved, decorating yourself with the edible treat of his choice—whipped cream, warmed fudge sauce, frozen orange-juice concentrate—can be fun. Note: Later, use baby lotion or another gentle cream to soothe the freshly shaved skin.

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And yes, it does get a little itchy when it grows back. Totally normal. But here's how to tell when it's not.

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You need: A car and a parking spot where you won't be interrupted, like your driveway and blindfold sex ideas garage late at night. How to play: Have sex in the car. Pretend that one of you is a virgin. The other is going to teach him or her how it's all done. Give a step-by-step lesson on how to use hands, lips and other body parts to stimulate the teacher. Part of the game is to correct and improve technique as you go along. Why: First, it's a blast from the past in the best way. Second, you find out things your partner likes that you didn't even know about.

You need: If you'd like to get the action started with a board gametry those available via TooTimid. What to play: Hearts Are Wild, for example, is a love adventure game for two players; it comes with a game board, card decks, cinnamon massage oil, a blindfold, and a feather tickler. Around the World in Bed comes with a dart board and male and female cutout figures to stick on the wall.

Bumps and Grinds involves stripping, drinking, and candlelight. Why: This could be a funny but hot! You need: A deck of cards blindfold sex ideas a timer. How to play: Give each suit a sexy meaning: hearts represent kissingdiamonds equal a massage, clubs ify hands-on stimulation, and spades are oral. The on the card represents the of seconds each sexy act should last.

Take turns picking cards and teasing one another. Why: This exciting game of foreplay will make you move at a teasingly slow pace that will leave both of you ready for more. Variation: Make the moves even more intense by doing them for minutes, not seconds. You need: Just you and your man. How to play: Use this as an opportunity to learn more about your guy and try your craziest sex fantasies. Take turns playing the classic game, makingsure your requests really reveal what you want. Why: Turns out Truth or Dare shouldn't have been left behindin middle school. Sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell, author of The Power To Mindful Love And Sexsays any couple can make it a very sexual game that le to lots of laughs, fun, and carefree lovemaking.

Variation: Take your dares outside of the bedroom and get down to business all over your house. You need: Just you, your man, and possibly a pillow. How to play: Try engaging in an intense tickle war or a naked pillow fight. The one to surrender first has to perform a sexual favor for the winner. Why: Cadellbelieves that creating these new memories with sex games will make you associate fun times in your marriage with intercourse. Variation: Slow it down by starting with clothes on and for every "surrender," the loser has to take off a piece of clothing. Play until you're both naked.

You need: Nothing blindfold sex ideas your own body. How to play: Have your dude either lie back or kneel with his eyes closed and mouth open. Then tease him by placing different parts of your body againsthis lips or tongue, like a nipple or finger, encouraging him to please you. Then you can switch places. Why: Aside from how pleasurable it is for you to get those parts licked and kissed, it's erotic for him to wait in anticipation of what piece of you will arrive next.

Variation: Switch things up and have him play this game on you. You need: A squeeze bottle of honey and maybe some wet wipes nearby. How to play: Plant little dollops of honey on parts of your body that you want your partner to kiss. You could draw a little treasure map toward your underwear, or use the sticky markers to note erogenous zones he hasn't explored yet, like your toes or collar bone. Why: It's an easy version of getting food involved in your foreplayand a more fun way of telling your partner what to do—like a softer, sweeter dominatrix.

Blindfold sex ideas

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