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I think my girlfriend is doing something behind my back so I came to her place unexpectedly to check on her. I walk into the apartment only to find her smooching her hot roommate. I never knew that she swung that way so I was quite surprised when I saw this. I nude freaky girls kind of curious so I approached the girls and asked for how long this has been going on. I told them to keep going as I wanted to see where it would lead. We then went to the bedroom to take things up a notch. My girlfriend took off her panties and spread her legs while her roommate started to go down on her.

After a while I got really horny so I made the two of the naked girls get on their knees in front of me and suck me off. They took my dick out which was already in hard-on mode and they started sucking on it interchangeably. First, my girlfriend would suck on it while her friend would lick my balls, and then they would do the opposite roles.

The young girls did a really good job with the blowjob and every second of it felt like I was in heaven. Then, I wanted to get some more action going, so I bent my girl over and started fucking her hard while she gave her friend a rimjob. My girlfriend got really horny from the pounding and she started riding me like a little slut. I got fed up with her pussy though and I wanted something fresh, so I pushed her off and pulled her by her ass closer towards me. I shoved my cock inside of her and started fucking her hard from behind. Afterwards I flipped her over and fucked her in missionary while my girl licked her clit.

I love my sexy girlfriend because she does all sorts of naughty things with me when she gets freaky and today, as she skated by the rail tracks in her tight Daisy Dukes she was feeling very freaky. She was looking very hot in her vintage skates and outfit with her sexy ass spilling out of the shorts as she skated around for the camera. She started by lifting her top as she skated, showing me her nice tits, with perky nipples.

As you may have noticed, she has a bit of an exhibitionist side, and I just love it when it surfaces. It gets me so fucking turned on. She loves doing things outdoors, and sex may very well be her favorite outdoors activity, yeah, right after skating!

She continued playing with her tits, looking around to make sure there was nobody in sight. I squeezed her boobs, pinching her nipples, feeling them getting harder in my fingers. She got under the shade of a big tree, pulling her Daisy Dukes down her thighs, giving me a glimpse of her juicy bubble shaped ass in her cotton panties. My nude freaky girls was throbbing so hard it was just about to burst out of my pants as she got down on her knees, pulling it out and taking it to her mouth, sucking and stroking it with a dirty look on her sexy face.

She gave me a wet blowjob, thick ropes of warm saliva dripping from her lips as she sucked my rod and licked my balls in public. We had to stop because people started riding by the walkway, so I told her we should get back to our place.

Once we got back we picked up right where we left off at the old abandoned train tracks. I pulled her cotton panties aside, rubbing and fingering her nude freaky girls wet slit, caressing those full pussy lips and that gorgeous clitoris, touching her anus too. My girlfriend loves when I play with her beautiful pussy. She laid on her back in our bed, her head dangling from the edge and her tongue outstretched as I slapped it with my hard cock. I fucked her mouth and throat, standing over her face, drool dripping from the sides of her lips as she made loud and sexy sucking sounds while devouring my member.

I finally put her down on her hands and knees by the edge of the bed, pulling off her cotton panties, admiring her juicy bubble shaped butt and ramming my hard cock deep inside her dripping wet cunt, banging her doggie style from behind. It was warm and slippery as I moved in and out of it. Whenever I would stop fucking her, she would push her tight ass against my cock, urging me to keep fucking her harder and faster and deeper. I love her when she gets like that! Fuck me!

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I pushed her down against the bed and kept fucking her while she spread her ass cheeks with her hands, showing me her puckered little asshole, contracting with every single thrust of my hard cock, going very deep in her body. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me hard, burying my cock real deep.

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She had an orgasm and that felt amazing. Fuck my pussy honey! Fuck it hard! She grabbed my head and told me to keep going.

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Needless to say I was ready to blow my creamy load, splattering hot cum all over her. You have to see the massive load of cum she got covered in! The best in real amateur girlfriend smut is called GF Revenge! This sexy petite teen skipped school and went home. She made sure that no one was home.

This teen did everything not to get caught, and when she sneaked into her house she went into the living room. She needed a break from school and tests. Her stepbrother was home, and he used his hipped cameras to spy on his stepsis and get her in trouble. But then the girl pulled down her nude freaky girls together with her panties, laid back on the couch, spread her legs wide open and started rubbing her pussy.

She fingered her soaking wet pussy and rubbed her hard clit. Her long fingers and her long nails were buried deep inside of her pink teen cunt. She was close to cumming, when her stepbrother barged into the living room! The naked girl pulled herself together fast and covered herself with a pillow.

She was shocked that someone was home.

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He took his phone out and showed her the camera clips of her sneaking in and fingering her pussy. She needed those clips gone, and since she was already horny, she decided that her brother would help her cum. She spread her legs in front of him, and one hand went to her wet slit. The horny teen girl wanted her stepbrother to lick her there. He buried his head between her thighs, moving his tongue all over her pussy. Then his naked sister dropped to her knees and took his cock in her small hands. Her little mouth wrapped around his cock and he watched his step sister sucking it with great pleasure.

He gasped at how good nude freaky girls slurped his cock. He could see his cock sliding in and out of her pink slit. He watched his hands on her boobies and reaching down between her legs he found her clit and began rubbing it. He sat down and she climbed on top of him.

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The young naked girl slid her pussy down on his cock and she let him pound his cock into her. She stood still while he moved his hips and thrust hard and deep inside of her. She moaned and screamed for more. Her older stepbro drilled her pussy how she liked and she could feel her orgasm building deep inside of her.

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This nude freaky girls brunette teen needed his cock to go deeper, so she sat down on his cock and she moved her tight little ass. She twerked and milked his cock with her tight pussy. She needed his cum inside of her pussy and her dirty little mouth. Her young tight pussy squeezed his cock and he stretched her pussy.

This freaky horny slut pounded herself on his hard member, lifting herself up and dropping back down on him, cumming all over his cock. She mixed her juices with his. She begged for his big load and he let go and shot it deep inside of her tiny pussy.

She got back on her knees and she used her slutty tongue to clean his cock and slurp his tasty cum. Her little mouth wrapped perfectly around his cock and he let his slutty sis clean his cock before getting to fuck her again. Relationships are hard and complicated, but some love can conquer anything. But what he had to say were not the words she was ever hoping to hear. Her boyfriend cheated on her, and all because she was too vanilla for him. He loved her, but their sex life was not it for him. He needed something more freaky and exciting. This blonde angel was not ready to lose him, and she was determined to become the devilish and freaky girlfriend he wanted.

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She got on her knees and wrapped her dirty little mouth around his big, already hard penis. His shock wore off quickly, and he was down to fuck her naughty brains out. But they had to be sneaky and hide from the customers. That was a big part of their thrill. He rimmed her while she was trying to be the star barista and tend to her customers. She was mad horny, and all she wanted was to feel his cock stretch her tight pussy out.

Once the teens had the coffee shop to themselves, they wasted no time and got naughty and dirty on the nude freaky girls. He could finally slip his tongue in her dripping slit. He stood up and slid his schlong into her juicy, dripping wet hole. Maybe she was wrong to be so basic and vanilla. When he takes her right there in the middle of their coffee shop, on the table where just a minute ago, people were sitting.

She got so horny because of that thought, and she could go on for hours. But she knew they had to make it quick, no matter how nude freaky girls she wants this to last. Maybe she could be a nasty little slut, but only for him. He pounded her tight pussy as hard as he could, and with every thrust, she could feel him a bit deeper inside of her. Every thrust brought her closer to the edge, and he was hitting all the right spots.

She wanted to feel his cum fill her up, and complete her transition from the innocent angel to a devilish slut. To my surprise, I found this dashing brunette hottie in sexy lingerie and high heels tied up after what seemed to be a kinky bondage session. The first thing she said after we introduced each other, was how she was going to suck my hard dick.

Apparently, I had no say in that. I was surprised at first, especially because she was a married woman. However, who was I to say no and she seemed particularly dominant. Just like that, this girl bent over for me, ordering me to make my dick hard while she rubbed her tight, shaved holes for more.

Seconds later, she was talking dirty while giving me one of the sloppiest blowjobs of my life. Her head was going back and forth as she was drooling all over my shaft while simultaneously stroking it with one hand. Then, after such a long and wet dick-sucking foreplay, this hottie bent over with her amazing ass high in the air. One look at her snatch was more than enough to convince me so I shoved my member inside.

She was so turned on that her cunt immediately started creaming all over my dick. Her moans of pleasure were only making me go harder so I kept pounding deeper and rougher. Then, I lied on the bed on my back, and the naked girl jumped between my legs.

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